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On the verge. Test drive Honda Civic

Once in Cheratnovo me attached two - asked to sell the test Honda Civic. I did not know what to say, on the scams they were little resemblance. "I am ready to give half right now, for a second I'll go to the ATM. Sell, eh? "- Do not let casual acquaintances.

Probably, this could only happen with Honda Civic. In Russia, popular models in recent years is through the roof. Civic was in the police reports, and sales rankings in the first places. The explanation for this has always been extremely simple: a lot of machine for reasonable money. This also can be attributed to more prestige brand Honda, modern design and slower than the competition, the annual loss of value.

But in the ninth generation model was suddenly not as popular as in previous - Japanese too famously killed a price tag. Just think: Civic, which a few years ago bought by parents for their sons-students, now costs almost as a premium - 939 000 rubles, and it is already on the brink of a foul. Yes, I'm on the richest set - such a sedan and came to us for a test drive.

In Russia, popular models in recent years is through the roof. Civic was in the police reports, and sales rankings in the first places.

Ninth generation after the world debut in 2011 year scolded just lazy. "The sluggish dynamics, mediocre handling, dull design" - listed dissatisfied. Honda, which has always listened to the criticism of the consumer, hastily restyled, refreshed exterior and reworking a number of technical issues. Facelift has already been called "Doctor", "injection" and linked to him other troubles for Honda terminology. Like, the last hope for the patient.

Basically, the model has been criticized for old units and units on which a ninth-generation Civic. For example, a five-step "automatic", which comes with the model for several years now, eats almost 2 seconds dynamics when compared to the version on the "mechanics" - today these figures are just indecent. Highly productive engine also can not be named. This motor has been presented in 2006 year, and since then Honda engineers have conjured several times above the unit, in order to somehow without major architectural changes to improve its performance.

Civic, which a few years ago bought by parents for their sons-students, now costs almost as a premium.

The compression ratio was improved, the injection was modified, the shape of the intake valves was changed, and it's still there: the engine began to give out more than 1 horsepower more than seven years ago. For comparison, the Italians 18 years ago began to complete the models of the Fiat group in a similar way in a constructive plan 1,8-liter engine with a return to 144 horsepower. There was the same valve timing adjustment system and a similar injection system. But that's bad luck: the Italians failures on the engine - the most common breakdown, and Honda owners such censures can be counted on the fingers. Do you understand why I am?

Say that the Civic rides on these ancient to modern standards aggregates somehow old-fashioned, it is impossible. It even seems that the alleged second to 10,8 100 km / h fly faster. Of course, switching between a five-speed automatic transmission can be done a couple of puffs, but it makes the "machine" is quite predictable and without surprises. In sport mode when you activate paddles box becomes faster and more obedient. It's like a "robot": engage first gear and the engine will choke on the cut-off, but the "machine" itself is not the next step will stick.

Honda, not positioning itself as the greenest brand in the galaxy, taught car and driver to influence fuel economy.

The fuel consumption of the once popular car is also extremely modest and fits into 9 liters in the city cycle. On the highway 1,8-liter engine at a speed of 120-130 kilometers per hour burns about 6,5 liters per "hundred" - an excellent indicator for the atmospheric unit. Fuel can be saved by activating the appropriate Eco system. In fact, no global reconfiguration of the engine occurs - only the reaction of the accelerator's accelerator pedal to the presses is dulled. Thanks to this, it is possible to dose more evenly the cravings, not overgrazing where the situation does not require.

What is also interesting, Honda, not positioning itself as the greenest brand in the galaxy, taught affect the car and driver to save fuel. The fact that the Civic on top of the dashboard - the one that windshield - are specific indicators that change color depending on driving style. So, after a few kilometers you begin to perceive them as some kind of game on the iPhone, trying to do everything possible to color indicators remained green. Such is primitive, but works!

Ninth Civic is built on the same chassis as the eighth generation. However, compared to its predecessor, the wheelbase is shorter on 30 mm - nonsense for the modern automotive industry. Front at Honda - rack "McPherson", rear - multilink suspension. This combination has proved very successful. Just behind the car perfected controllability and loved by many. Again, remember the American critics scolded for Civic valkost and naughty on a soft surface. But Honda engineers patient and listened to this shortcoming and installed at Civic stiffer springs and dampers.

Honda corrected in the main - as plastic in the cabin.

The fact that it is impossible to provoke Civic drift, I do not presume to assert - everything is possible. That's just to make it extremely difficult. Elastic suspension - that enabled the stabilization system, without it - struggled keeps the car from the banks and longitudinal accelerations. At the same speed bumps, for example, the machine swallows unnoticed. Subjectively, the car was softer than, for example, hatchbacks on MQB, which so praised in Europe just in terms of the balance of the suspension.

Inside, no global changes restyled Civic received. But this is only at first glance. Honda has corrected the main thing - the quality of the plastic in the cabin. All the same Americans were indignant that in Civic plastic - as in a compact that costs three times cheaper. Now the front panel of the sedan is made of soft material with an imitation stitch. The edging of the deflectors became chrome-plated, and silver panels appeared on the doors. In general, the salon as if processed in "Photoshop": somewhere darkened, somewhere changed the texture. As a result, the layout remained the same in the same style as the "space plane", but the interior became more pleasing to the eye.

Dashboard as before, is divided into two parts. Top, near the windshield, is a digital speedometer, below - analog tachometer. Moreover, except for the warning lights in the compartment with tachometer nothing. I suppose that in the next generation, and it can disappear altogether - there is 1,8-liter engine and thoughtful "automatic" its presence has long turned into a formality and looks more like a tradition.

Sometimes in the management bodies traced "greetings from 90-x."

All the buttons on the large - to miss, even without being distracted from the road, is extremely difficult. However, sometimes in the management bodies traced unification production echo or "Greetings from 90-x." The most obvious - the buttons that activate heated seats. They are made exactly the same as ten years ago on the Accord.

In general, at the height of ergonomics. Leather seats only at first glance seem to be devoid of lateral support - they sit very comfortably. However, heating fires are too sluggish, but this is far from a subjective component. The only element that hampers - is "vents" on the front doors, because of which the mirrors are too close to the driver, but it's a matter of habit.

But multimedia system there is a claim. From the car waiting for the price acceptable acoustics. Not Hi-End, of course, but so passable depressive played tracks on Relax FM and without shame could reveal the window during the broadcast of the winner on the radio charts Record. As I tried to adjust the equalizer, nothing good came of it: bass rattles and treble too "deaf."

But multimedia system quickly digesting music from USB-drive, remembering the last track. Thus, after starting the playlist continue to play from the point where was interrupted, and not from the beginning. However, streaming audio via Bluetooth sedan play, unfortunately, can not.

In general, sharply criticize the car is definitely not worth it - it just does not deserve it. Obviously, when choosing the conditional dynamics and the maximum for a minimum of money, you have to sacrifice something. As a rule, we are talking about reliability. Civic has exactly the opposite. Using time-tested components and assemblies, Honda initially deprived the model of childhood illnesses. That same five-step "automatic", which with considerable timidity sorts through the steps, coiling the dynamics, will serve more than one hundred thousand kilometers. As much as the engine will withstand the correct operation and timely maintenance.

Another thing is that for close to a million rubles amount the buyer is always waiting for something such, some "chips" like projection display, a huge multi-touch monitor or, at worst, the adaptive cruise control. Nothing of the Civic offer, alas, can not.


Perhaps not surprisingly, the most widespread in the Russian segment of midsize sedans rivals Honda Civic in excess. Therefore, more objective look at the model only in the maximum configuration.

The most expensive version of the Ford Focus sedan - Titanium with the automatic gearbox and 2,0-liter gasoline engine power 150 horsepower. On the whole equipment package is comparable to our version of Honda Civic. True, it is much cheaper - from 791 000 rubles.

With a similar set of options on the market offer and Chevrolet Cruze, which recently received a new engine - 1,4-liter turbo. With it the car will cost from 841 000 rubles. With the same set of additional equipment, but 1,8-liter "aspirated" sedan is cheaper - from 806 000 rubles.

Mazda3 new generation enters the market in several versions, the most expensive of which - with 2,0-liter engine. There is such a sedan more than Civic - from 950 000 rubles. But the range of options it richer. Including the novelty has xenon headlights and more advanced multimedia system.

Another competitor is the Civic Mitsubishi Lancer, which in a constructive manner - the same age as the sedan Honda. The most expensive Lancer with a CVT and 1,8-liter engine dealers offer to buy for the amount of 819 990 rubles.

New Toyota Corolla was worth more than all in its segment - the most cost-equipped 1 026 000 rubles. In the configuration with the unambiguous title "Prestige Plus" under the hood 1,8-liter engine that runs with a CVT.

Kia Cerato - also a worthy alternative to Civic. Korean car worth almost as much - from 924 900 rubles for the version with the "automatic" and the two-liter engine. Slightly cheaper - from rival Hyundai - Elantra. Machine with 1,8-liter engine and automatic transmission will cost from 914 000 rubles.

Another option - Opel Astra sedan. The engine in the best equipped Astra - the most powerful in the class. Unit gives 180 l. with., though, it does not guarantee a car hurricane dynamics - it is at the level of representatives from Ford and Kia. Opel price tag is at least 912 900 rubles.

Roman Farbotko
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