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At home wheels. Test Drive Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Historians have shown that the wheel was invented here in the Armenian highlands. It tells my interlocutor, last cybernetician, and now - managing a small hotel in the mountains. So let us drink cybernetics. And for home wheels, where we have to try out the new Chevrolet TrailBlazer.

Wheel, off-road or not it is better to roll on good coverage. But here, in Armenia, this napryazhenka. Strangely, the Armenians have built wonderful temples, standing without much care the second thousand years to produce such a luxurious cognac which not dare to call "Brandy". And not coped with the laying of asphalt. No way they drove learn from road construction in Russia. If patching, then the entire width of the road. If the new asphalt, then put a thin layer and is covered with cracks.
Well, we have something on the SUV, we transcend the bumps, but that's annoying shaking. Such SUVs - honest, genuine, with a ladder-type frame, uncut rear axle razdatkoy - extinct. They have nowhere to turn, they do not have enough fuel to their close competitors better. Comparison with the dinosaurs obviously, but I can not think of anything else. And only in remote corners where manners easier, thick forests, and the roads worse SUVs old school still bad feeling.

TrailBlazer was old purebred American greedy and stupid. New came to us from Thailand. There he produced and dosborku produce in St. Petersburg. By the way, Thais "Trail" cheaper "Captiva" and we have the opposite. Prices rather big - their dictates segment. Competitors, in terms of "dzhiemovskih" marketers bit - Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Nissan Pathfinder. First soon rise on the conveyor in Russia, and the second will be sold in our market until early next year, until it was replaced by a new generation of car.

"Taets" looks dense and stout, but deprived of the impressiveness of its predecessor. He struggled stretches on tiptoe, trying Scorch evil grimace, enterprise-wide but still a good person. Hulk wants to portray, but it turns out the character from "Cars."

Meanwhile, the new "Trailbleyzer" with its outer compactness is able to take on board seven passengers. Marketers GM say that multi-seat is now in high demand. And at the gallery, although close, but fit two averaged men. But where to put things? If you seat the maximum number of passengers, there will be room in the trunk for two handbags. However, the "Trailblazer" is capable of pulling a three-ton trailer, and expensive versions of the machine are equipped with a system of its stabilization. In general, the TrailBlayer itself can load over a half a ton of load - for this, the second and third rows fall into the horizon, releasing 1830 liters of useful space. However, a step is formed between the floor and the threshold, therefore for the convenience of loading the car will acquire a special organizer with a bevelled lid. It will be possible to remove the luggage compartment cover.

At the wheel, I found myself quite comfortable, despite the fact that the adjustments are minimum and the rudder on the flight is not adjusted. Interior decoration is what should be in the utilitarian SUV, issued a democratic brand for emerging markets. That is, hard plastic is made even the central armrest. A minimalistic front panel is enlivened by instruments in the wells of a la "Camaro" and a round green "eye" of the climate system. Management of air flows, though unaccustomed, but quite convenient. That's just climate control - single-zone, and it's in a car worth two million. However, rear passengers can regulate the intensity of blowing ceiling ducts - they are provided even for those sitting in the gallery. For a hot climate such a solution is just right, but in cold regions there will be a shortage of blowing to the feet. In addition, the test machines did not have seat heating. On the "Trailblazers" intended for sale, it will appear, but will be limited to the front seats. Another nice option for hot countries - retractable cupholders at the edges of the torpedo - the bottle, located opposite the duct, cool well.

Audio sound pleased, but puzzled others. Connector in the center console - mini-USB. That is, it turns out that as the external source can be connected unless the laptop. Special adapter in the car was, but he hid in the bottom of one of the numerous storage compartments. And when you try to connect via Bluetooth audio hang.

Moderately noisy diesel "Six» 2.8 180 produces horsepower. Peak torque - 470 Nm - the engine is already coming under 2000 revs. But it's machines with 6-step "automatic" in the base SUV with the "mechanics" torque reduced to 440 newton meters. Acceleration unhurried - well within the passport 12,5 seconds SUV weighs more than two tons, and "automatic» ZF does not seek to force things. As a result - lack of palpable turboyamy and very smooth changeover. Fuel - a little more 10 liters per hundred.

Car with petrol "six» 3.6 (239 329 hp and Nm) goes significantly faster, "automatic" switch more often to keep "aspirated" in tone, so that the alleged 8,8 seconds to "hundreds" are achievable. Gasoline "Treylbleyzer" - the most expensive, 1 777 000 rub., Ie more than a hundred thousand more top-end version with a diesel engine.

Quickly yet not go - SUV with a high center of gravity and rear axle uncut not to be created. Though, as it turned out to serpentines, rulitsya "Treylbleyzer" tolerably well, but the steering wheel is quite long and in addition peretyazhelen and when maneuvering at low speed is great tires.

SUV, created on a platform Colorado, clearly inherited oak suspension pickup, so that before somehow embedded wells can not slow down. Only here shaking chassis carefully informs the driver and passengers of the smallest cracks and joints perceptible shocks, so for two days I have thoroughly studied the activity of "Armavtodora" and many times cursed her. So, you can either move comfortably on smooth asphalt, or by downloading a ballast.

Off-road "Treylbleyzer" feels better - here its habitat. Good geometry, the distance from the earth to the hefty spar is 255-267 mm (depending on the disc), and under the rear axle - 215 millimeters. Key nodes underneath the well protected, and the gas tank and the axle housing is also covered with thick steel armor.

The front end is rigidly connected with a speed limit of 124 km per hour. It and the demultiplier with the reduction factor 2,62 are switched on using a washer on the center console. At the rear there is an inter-wheel lock. The algorithm of its work was somewhat surprising: the asphalt races showed that the rear lock is retained when the front axle is disengaged - when turning, one of the rear wheels slips. To unlock the differential, you need to accelerate to a certain speed. I liked the assistant's help in descending - on a slippery slope he was very appropriate. In general, off-road TrailBlazer is not lost and goes forward until the tires are surrendered - here the protector will be more prominent.

For basic 1 444 000 rub. offered minimally equipped car with the "mechanics" and air of electronic assistants here only ABS. To get well "packaged" machine, an amount of 1 650 million rubles., And for a car with a gasoline engine - and even more. However, these prices at the major players in the segment, except that the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is slightly cheaper. So "Treylbleyzeru" to strengthen its position does not hurt to get a little cheaper or additional options, plus a softer suspension. The seven-seater will be a little one.

Eugene Bagdasarov

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