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On a grand scale. Test drive Ford Mondeo

D-class updated and expanded at an incredible rate: here and new Honda Accord with Mazda6, and bright with Hyundai i40 Kia Optima, and a dozen other interesting models. Most of them we've traveled and mostly praise. But the question arose whether the Cubs were able to segment or already classical players, but in a new reading, outshine reference D-class representatives. One of them - it's certainly, Ford Mondeo fourth generation, which is sold on the market for six full years and still manages to keep up the momentum in the market.

How durable potential of this model? We decided to look in terms of life success Mondeo and indirectly compare it with the young competitors, taking a test drive turbo sedan. Especially in the past year 2013 Mondeo there is another important reason to pay attention to themselves - model turned 20 years.

Mondeo came to the court in many roles. You know a lot of models that one day can be found in several contradictory guises: with flashing lights on the roof, with two child seats on the back of the couch, for example, with a trunk stuffed with sprouts to the top?

Two decades did not change the design philosophy of Ford Interior Mondeo: there is spacious and gently. Is that in the current generation, he became technologically. Quality finishes also on the level, however, there are still some flaws. For example, in the test sample with a range of 23 thousand kilometers at the bottom of the front panel there were slit and the glove box lid opens with an unpleasant creaking.

Throwing aside the thought that in the back row in the Mondeo you can almost juggle the ball, and on the driver's seat, probably the most obese person on the planet will fit, there is a claim to ergonomics. The main one is the extremely inconvenient location of the power window unit. Opening / closing the rear windows requires either a habit or skill. Buttons for controlling the heating and ventilation of the seats are also very controversial - under the sliding lid of the cup holders. The niches in the doors are large, but the useful space in the armrest is negligible, and the shelf under the tape recorder is ridiculously short - even the iPhone falls off it.

Drivable Ford Mondeo - a balanced car with good by the standards of its class smoothness. Pleasant driving experience - the merit of the platform on which built Mondeo. Architecture called EUCD once formed the basis of several models of D-class. And the vast majority of them - the premium segment: Land Rover Freelander, Volvo S80, Volvo XC60, Volvo S60, Volvo XC70, Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy. Moreover, even the Range Rover Evoque is built on a platform, which by and large is an extensively modified EUCD.

Obviously, the relationship with the more expensive models will definitely be written in plus Mondeo. In city traffic the car is more reminiscent of just Volvo S60, and on the highway - RWD Jaguar XF, that at first glance may seem strange. But no contradictions architecture DEW, which is based on English sedan, also close Ford Mondeo.

Suspension Mondeo - classic: rack "McPherson" front and rear mnogoryichazhka. And buyers should not scare last decision - Review owners mnogoryichazhka able to nurse and 100 thousand kilometers without requiring intervention. Despite the relatively low weight of the standards of its class (of 1573 kilograms), Mondeo and this suspension swallows any reasonable road irregularities and almost imperceptibly overcomes bumps.

Of course, expect from a massive front-wheel sedan pinpoint handling - absurd. But the "vegetable» Mondeo, called the language does not turn. He does not hesitate to drive dynamic, biting traction in the ESP system when feed is ready to go to the dance, and keeping the engine as long as possible in the most cut-off.

Ford Mondeo for 20 years surprised even engines. For example, the arch rival of the first generation - Renault Laguna - was better in almost all components, but until recently the French hatchbacks stamped with ancient vosmiklapannymi motors, while the Ford Mondeo was only available with shestnadtsatiklapannym engines, which were not only more powerful, but still and more economical. To date, the story has not changed: at Ford's competitors envy very broad range of engines. Here and atmospheric low-power motors, and family units EcoBoost, and high-performance turbo diesel.

In the test sample proved just last - 2,0-liter diesel engine with a torque 320 newton meters. 140 horsepower and a six-speed shustrosti "machine" can achieve good results in dispersal to 100 km / h - 10,2 seconds. However, for this would have to sacrifice the main thing a diesel - fuel consumption. Figures that displays trip computer, not diesel: 12 liters in the city and 7 liters on the highway.

For nearly a month of operation Mondeo engine had several times start at temperatures below minus 15 degrees. Run the motor without surprises, but at the same time seemed to be that another 2-3 degrees colder, and to work I went to a trolley bus. And the difference is not noticeable and activated half an hour before the start auxiliary heater: while injector cough, Mondeo engine will not start. Here are just warming up the engine quickly: 7 minutes, and the machine is fully ready to start.

Ford tried to curtsey and toward a younger audience, decided to seduce her multimedia system with a huge touch screen, the ability to digest all existing formats. Besides the setup menu "friends' with on-board computer, and the result was another" TV "- on the dashboard.

Operate it easily understandable, that's only from a practical point of view of its presence - a fiction. By and large, the screen duplicates, that is located on the central screen. Yes, you can not be distracted from the road, but also with the primary monitor no security threat: he imposed as high and does not require a lot of time to implement a particular manipulation.

That screen on the dashboard that is organized is not ideal. For example, it can not simultaneously make all trip computer. Every time I have to leave from the "Radio" search line "Computer" and there are already indications of interest to view. After some time, the system automatically returns to the "Radio". Why?

In short, the multimedia system Ford Mondeo to get used, and in fact it is a pleasure not modest: 50 000 rubles for navigation and more 25 000 - for Bluetooth.

The fourth generation Ford Mondeo is gradually disappearing. The car is marketed six full years, and the successor is ready. The United States has available a new Fusion (analogue Mondeo). No doubt, Ford Mondeo - a landmark for many in the segment, but can you call it with the standard? Which model do you think, today - the best in terms of price / quality of nepremialnyh sedans?

Roman Farbotko
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