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Necessary dirt: Evoque off-road

Hardly Victoria Beckham, participating in the design of one of the versions of Range Rover Evoque, assumed that anyone would ever think to drive such a beauty in the dirt. And even more to pass on it by polygon Land Rover Experience in the village Ilinskoe Dmitrov district, Moscow region. He is famous in the first place that the present forest there you can ride on the Defender. However, the head of school Experience says Evoque owners and frequent visitors here - want to make sure that their car is capable of much.

And make. On the Evoque, we've traveled all the same routes, which are experiencing Range Rover Sport, Vogue, Freelander and Defender. Spared only one area reserved exclusively for Defender - say, even at the most serious off-road vehicle brand this segment are real adventures like applying a chainsaw, shovels, winches and so on.

"Evoku" had to overcome the route of the four stages. The first was to drive a car, the wheels of which were chain-locked - in safety engineering, only the front axle of the crossover can be "shod" in them. As the instructor explained, there is no sense to put mud tires on the car, and on usual (perfectly, by the way, suitable for passing all the other stages), the spot of contact on wet clay practically disappears, and the wheels turn into "four pieces of soap," as one from the teachers of the school Land Rover Experience. Chains - a sight not the most habitual, but as the trip has shown, they help out. On the soil, which has been wet from constant rains, we were stuck just once, and even so, having set the required slope with the help of a shovel, after a couple of minutes we got out of the trap.

A huge merit in this is not only the chains, but also the Terrain Response system. It has several modes of operation: automatic, "grass / gravel / snow", "sand", "mud / gauge", "stones-small stroke." Depending on the selected icon Range Rover uses different settings of the traction control system, changes the clearance and manages the differential lock. If you are not sure which mode is best suited for specific road conditions, safely put the selector in the Auto position: 500 once a second the system collects information about the road and analyzes it based on data on speed, vibration loading, articulation of bridges and rolls, and then selects the necessary value of the ground clearance and the operating mode of the auxiliary systems and differentials. And when selecting modes there are nuances. "Sand", for example, is suitable only for moving on absolutely dry sand, which you can not find in Moscow even in summer (it is enough to dig centimeters on 20 and it will turn out to be wet), for our ride it's best to use the mud / rut. A version of "sand" is useful for moving on snow (they are similar in consistency), however, only in minus weather.

The next task for the Evoque is to ride on serious descents, ascents and inclines. First of all, you can evaluate how the Hill Descent Control system works. Only you have to overcome yourself - at the very top of the hill to release all the pedals. The system itself regulates the speed (its value can be selected in advance by the cruise control buttons), from which the car goes down. At the same time, the automation recognizes that the driver is the driver in the car. It is worth it to touch any of the pedals, as the system turns off, allowing the person to choose the rhythm of the ride. For the sake of justice, there is no need to press a gas or a brake. On most of the slopes, even in the first gear in the manual mode, go too fast, and if you start to brake (especially abruptly), the car can lead to the side. Another thing: Hill Descent Control works in both the "driver" and the back gear, that is, it seriously helps if you need to gently slide down the hill.

The next test is hanging the wheels. First we enter the pits of different depth, so that one wheel is in the air. Easy slipping, raise the speed to about 2 000 ... and the crossover smoothly overcomes the obstacle and climbs into the hill. The system brakes the rotating wheel in the air to get resistance. This makes it possible to transfer to a much greater time (several times greater than what is transferred to the slipping wheel), due to which the car leaves. On the "Ewok" elevation, rollers are waiting for which the car drives three wheels, and the clutch with the road has only one - the front left. Another slip, and Evoque again copes with the obstacle. "That's right," the instructor says proudly. "If the normal clutch is at least one wheel, you'll get out of any dirt."

Evoque will further movement on the incline angle is approximately 45 degrees. "If you suddenly do not have the courage to steer down when there drag car, just hold the wheel straight, cars on four wheels move out quietly" - warns teacher at Land Rover Experience. Indeed, you feel at ease when Evoque rides under such inclination that the driver hangs over the front passenger, but the car without any problems coping with the test.

Fascinating attraction - crossing the ford. Crossover on the documents can overcome depth of half a meter (actually, vents through which water can flow into, located much higher, but the British decided to play safe) - the same rate, by the way, at the Defender. More than just a new Sport, which could easily plunge almost a meter into the water. Discounts Evoque on the road no one does, so crossover calls in exactly the same makeshift pond that older brothers and boost its plunging almost hood.

However, with one mud we with Evoque did not stop and have tested other systems which are capable to gain already in a city. In particular, we were convinced that the car itself parks in parallel, both in the left row, and in the right. Then we passed a narrow road bounded by plastic blocks. It's funny, but the impressions are not the same. I want again on the route, which, perhaps, has no analogues in Moscow and the Moscow region. After all the rides and an extensive lecture on proper off-road driving, it is worth considering how to now call the Evoque a crossover or SUV. It seems that, despite the glossy look, he is closer to the latter than to the first.

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Nicholas Zagvozdkin

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