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A little bit of love. Test drive Seat Leon

Make Seat quietly went to the Russian market and also quietly returned. Russians who came to love Spain, its property, jamon, La Rioja, the football club "Barcelona", Salvador Dali and Gaudi, could not fall in love with the Spanish cars. Love - the feeling irrational. High prices, strange design, not the best quality interiors and an abundance trehpedalnyh versions ardent feelings are not aroused. In Europe, the Seat was more affordable alternative to Golf, and with the same "folksovskimi" units. And this was due to his popularity.

Strange, no Giugiaro nor Walter da Silva failed to make beautiful Spanish car - "SEAT" obtained either too modest or too pretentious. The desire to look original ruined many. With artists demand is low, we all remember Kenneth Greenlee and what he had done with SsangYong. There is likely to question those who approved the saddest in the world aft minivan Altea.

Previous Leon would give many talents. Strange happened: rear door handles hidden in the racks, combined with the high roof of a minivan, stiffer suspension - with a spacious interior. Therefore, the new Leon divided into as many as three vehicles: trehdverka, pyatidverka and wagon. At last year's Paris Motor Show, he was the savior of the brand - looked even steeper soplatformennyh Golf and Audi A3. Cooler - because you know what to expect from the Germans. But the Spaniards, on the contrary, surprised.

At the presentation in Spain about the appearance of the new Leon talk for a long time and in detail, representatives of various departments succeed each other. The lines are sharp, sharp, but they create an extremely harmonious image - as if the "seat" designers took away the compasses and handed the ruler. The main find is two folds, one slightly above the other, passing along the side of the car. In principle, they are not difficult to make, I get these when I try to iron the shirt myself. The same design reception can be found among Koreans. But the designers of Seat got the standard wrinkles. One line is unbreakable through the door, the other, never flinching, crosses the hatch of the gas tank. This is the interface of the body panels! The folds on the metal are calibrated to a millimeter and discard intense, bright shadows.

Workmanship interior - "folksvagenovskim." In front of the bizarre twists dissolve with the seventh overall Golf details. Multimedia system reacts to gestures - it would be even tactile responsiveness. Trunk with a fairly large amount of loading height 380 liters is the same as that of the Golf. By the way, the three-door Leon shorter base (minus 35 mm) it is not less than pyatidverki. SC version of the three doors and even below - is felt in the back seat, but not so much: the side windows at the SC wider and create the illusion of more space.

MQB platform involves installing semi-beams behind cars with engines up to 150 horsepower and mnogoryichazhka - beyond this capacity. Seat specialist on suspensions Fermin Soneyra argues that even with a new beam Leon makes perestavku better than the previous one, and with greater speed. Incidentally, the question of the character Leon «seatovtsy" unanimously claim that Leon is not approached on road performance to Golf, and vice versa.

Well, let's see. Sit behind the wheel in an unpretentious trehdverki configuration with the "mechanics" and 140-horsepower engine 1.4 liters. Something she did not like the Sport Coupe - exactly abbreviation stands for SC. Wheel like informative enough, but no, all the time necessary to adjust a little steering angle. And feedback on the accelerator sharp enough.

Quite another matter - pyatidverka in sporty package FR. She can go through the wall display in the Drive Profile and put the sport setting - nice heavier steering and throttle response becomes more alive. Fixes result 180-strong car c DSG. She's going to willingly and sounds good.

I deliberately waited with conclusions and rolled on the new Golf in Moscow. It differs from Leon less than real German Spaniard. Character at VW Nordic resistant, it elastic and dense suspension, Seat also tougher and emotional. However, the results of tests of the new Russian winter Leon decided to put the dampers softer and limit the size of the disks on 17 inches, no more.

But the Russian market similarly stocked Leon expensive Golf. Moreover, the motor 1.4 at "Spaniard" offered exclusively bundled with the "handle". If marketers think so to draw attention to the versions with a motor 1.2, they are not quite right. Bam! Bam! Again they were his own, the same mistake again. On the other hand, "the Spaniard" can be seen as an affordable alternative to Audi A3. This "legend" seems more attractive.

However, hardly new Leon Seat dramatically improve things in Russia. "Folksvagenovskim" motors and boxes are not we have a competitive advantage. A creative young people with money, which counts on the loyalty of the Russian office of Seat, dreaming to escape to Spain to relocate.

As part of a test-drive three-door Leon, we were introduced and high technology, that is the first "seatovskim" electric vehicle. "We - the only brand in Spain, able to think, to develop and make electric car" - boast "seatovtsy." Well, not the only one - we can remember folding electric Hiriko. However, the company from the Basque country suddenly run out of money, but for "Seat" worth Volkswagen. And although the Germans say about the benefits of hybrid electric cars before, neglect clean electricity are not collected.

Here the head of the department of research and development Audi Wolfgang Dyurhaymer paid for his position for disdaining electric cars. Of course, for the usual autobahns there is not enough electric reserve, but a small Spain is an excellent testing ground for slow tests of cars with "batteries". In addition, it is in the spirit of the local course for reducing harmful emissions - country-wide wind turbines, solar panels and solar towers are put on the whole country. The first "Seat" electric vehicle e-Altea XL was given to the Madrid City Hall, the Port of Barcelona and several other companies for trial operation. In parallel, in the same way, the hybrid Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive was tested.

At the mercy of the journalists were given only Altea. Outwardly from the usual car, it is distinguished only by the aerodynamic cover of the radiator grille, inside - the instrument panel and an additional climate system, which is installed instead of the sunroof and feeds only on solar panels. The electric car is even "wound up" with a key! Apparently not to embarrass the technology of the future. Even the DSG selector is in place, although it is clear that the machine does without a robotic transmission, and the paddle lobes are available - they give the electric car a level of recovery. I pressed three times on the petal with a minus, and the car moving backwards began to slow down more intensively. Recuperation can be turned on and using the selector, moving it as far down as possible - where the cars with ICE have a sport mode.

However, the battery loses energy faster than it has garnered. Couple intense accelerations - and twenty kilometers gone. So 140-kilometer range - nominal. We passed only some fifteen kilometers, and energy spent on all 70. Charge the car will have to complete at least 8 hours from the usual outlets and two hours of special terminal.

The electric motor produces 85 kW (115 l. C.) And 270 Nm. Maximum speed, which is capable of e-Altea XL - 135 km, like e-mobile .. Dynamics - electromobility, ie locomotive traction baseman and failure after 60 km / h Pwr added to the weight of the car has two hundredweight, so tire cornering begin to squeak quite early.

However, the electric Altea - yesterday. Spaniards show true distance, electric toddler e-Mii. He has more speed and power reserve, more compact battery. Incidentally, the same electrical VW Up! bring autumn in Frankfurt. But all the same serial Spanish electric - it's not even tomorrow. And at first he must pass forward hybrid development.

Eugene Bagdasarov

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