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Volvo Neskuchniy

"Well, you'd imagine this took?" - Asks me each advance confident in the negative response. "Yes" - without hesitation I say, than call it a genuine surprise. My buddy decently behind the times. With 2008-th, when the head of the design bureau Volvo Cars was the Briton Steve Mattin (now almost two years working at AvtoVAZ chief designer), the Swedes stopped doing incredibly boring cars.

Firstborn, marked a new design direction and gave the world to understand that the old senile Volvo no longer proved just crossover XC60, the subject of my discussion with a friend. Almost 2 000 kilometers overcame a car during your stay in our editorial. Besides bright appearance (rapid silhouette strongly littered the front pillars, huge windshield, elegant lights with LED lights, 18-inch wheels), we found the car and many other advantages, of course, drawbacks.

A month, for example, was enough to fall in love with a motor with an 2,4 liter capacity of 163 liters. from. Diesel diesel D4 a miracle as good: elastic - picking is practically the same on the whole range of revolutions; dynamic - 420 Nm of maximum torque is enough for an impressive start from the place, although at the acceleration to 100 km / h (10,9 seconds) it yields to competitors with similar in performance characteristics; economical - for 1 950 km, that the car passed, we refueled 6 500 rubles (approximately 209,5 liters). The average flow is 10,7 l at 100 km (6,8 - according to the documents). True, its diesel competitors XC60 on this indicator (at least, passport) loses: BMW X3 - 184 l. with., 8,5 with acceleration to 100 km / h, 5,6 L average consumption), Mercedes-Benz GLK - 170 l. with., 8,8 with, 6,5 l, Audi Q5 - 177 l. with., 9 with, 6 l.

The unit is well balanced, it is almost the best in the entire range of engines XC60. Diesel power D3 136 l. s. too weak for cars weighing 1 807 kg, albeit hardly consumes fuel, petrol units and power 240 304 l. s. - Too greedy. There is, however, another engine that looks through documents preferable - it D5 capacity 215 horsepower. Car equipped with this engine, accelerates to 100 km / h for 8,3 seconds (on 2,6 seconds faster than the model with D4) and thus, based on the data log book, consumes the same 6,8 100 liters of fuel per km of track.

In this case, whether the above-described D4 equipped with more modern box, sure, dynamic performance would be better. 6-speed automatic transmission, similar to that installed on XC60, uses only Audi, while Mercedes-Benz is offered with "automatic" with seven steps, BMW - with eight. Volvo box set rather on the quiet ride: she thinks too long when changing down. In sports mode, the situation is much better, but the delay is still there. When this switch to Volvo smoothly to this no complaints.
It is worth looking at the indicators of dynamic characteristics in comparison with competitors, and it becomes clear that sports XC60 can not be called. Behavior on the road - a match for: the wheel of the crossover is not the most informative, the side rolls are decent, the car is slightly unbalanced in the turns (the engine here is installed transversely, which allows freeing up additional space, but increases the load on the front axle). The XX60 has adaptive Monroe-Ohlins racks, which can work in three modes: "standard", "sport" and "advans". The difference between them is insignificant and is felt only under serious load. In "sports" and "advans" those same vertical rolls disappear, but longitudinal ones persist, in case of emergency braking, for example.

It would be logical to assume that the car with the following settings will be comfortable. Honestly, with this indicator are not so easy. Suspension more rigid than comfortable, which generally is not peculiar to Volvo. Pavement seams, holes and tramways echo in the cabin is not as strong as, for example, BMW, but noticeably. The difference with S60 especially S80 enormous.

I think the creators of the crossover just decided to focus on safety. Volvo is not in vain considered an automotive benchmark for this indicator. XC60 - excellent proof of that. Begins caring for the driver with a comfortable seat with good support and a good view (the racks are too big, for example, for a sedan, but by the standards of crossovers small), and ends with a stabilization system that is set to the position of "whatever happens." ESP operates clearly, but it works too sharply and early. Fans of a little hooliganism on the road will not like it, but ... see the dynamic characteristics: the car is obviously not for them.

Car security systems in darkness (tracks crossing road markings and the distance to the front of the traveling machine, Parktronic). For an experienced driver them, however, are too shy ... in the Moscow traffic, and with the local mentality. These problems can be solved easily: mute button almost all systems are located directly behind the center console. There is, however, an exception. Completely deactivate cruise control system closer to an obstacle is possible only through the settings menu.

Do not forget about the all-wheel drive transmission, it is useful not only in winter and bad roads. At its core - an electronically controlled Haldex coupling technology Instant Traction. Simply put, the system automatically redistributes the torque between the front and rear wheels in a virtually unlimited proportions. In most cases, all the power necessary for the front wheels. In this mud, however, test the system failed. I note only that in 230 mm clearance is more than enough to overcome any curb in Moscow.

But the Volvo feature - the cache behind the front panel - is gorgeous from an aesthetic point of view, but disgusting with practicality. We can not talk about security here. To climb into it on the go, you have to bend heavily, losing concentration on the road. By the way, in the car in general there is not enough convenient compartments for small things. Offhand - only two cupholders. There is still a deep armrest, but there you can store only things that should not be in the "near" neighborhood all the time: a mobile phone, for example, you can not hide there. With the armrest, by the way, I have special bills - I spoiled my wire to recharge the phone. In its niche is a USB-connector, and if you connect to the multimedia iPhone, you have to press the lid, which does not have a special hole. Over time, he rubs and stops working.

There are in the interior XC60 slightly more serious than the risk for the cord, miscalculations. Firstly, it is not a touch screen on the center console. Managing it with two washers on the panel is far from intuitive understandability - so much so that I could not get used to it in a month. If you could just press your finger on the desired menu items on the screen, everything would be much easier. It is worth noting, however, that a colleague who drove a car for a week said that multimedia management is the most convenient of all that he saw. The next nuance is the rain sensor. The algorithm of the device can not be controlled: the janitors either hammer with a given pause, or do not work at all. Not impressed with the size of the glove compartment. Folder with insurance, instruction manual - and everything, there is no free space. And the last - scant lighting in the cabin: if you drop a night, for example, a phone, then find it - great luck. My observations were fully confirmed by the opinion of car owners. On the forums, they basically complain about these shortcomings of the machine.

The most ingenious feature of the XC60 is the rear seats, which by simple manipulation, taking less than a minute, turn into children's ones. This is at the same time saving on special seats, and great convenience: you do not need to attach anything special, remove, drag. Plus, no one will try to steal this chair from the car. By the way, older children can comfortably fit and four (thanks to DVDs and screens built into the headrests of the front seats, even behave calmly). And the three adults will not be cramped. Due to the wheelbase in 2 770 mm this crossover is one of the most capacious in its class.

Same with the luggage compartment. Supergabaritnyh goods for the test drive did not have to carry, but, for example, two impressive suitcases fit easily. But with non-folding bicycle frame no longer carry. The minimum amount of luggage - 495 liters, maximum - 1 455 liters. At GLK, for example, the corresponding figures - 450 / 1550, at Q5 - 540 / 1560 liters.

I was really sorry to part with this crossover. Yes, the attitude towards Volvo cars on the road is far from being premium. At me, for example, yelling from the Nissan Tiida, cut into Civic, while politely gave way to drivers, for example, Audi or Mercedes-Benz. Dynamic characteristics of XX60 are much inferior to those of competitors from the big German troika. At the same time the car is equipped with at least as good a rival, has an original design and several unique security systems. The main trump card is price. 1 674 000 rubles - starting cost of the version with the motor D4. For example, Mercedes-Benz GLK with a similar engine can be bought at least for 1 870 000 rubles, BMW X3 - for 1 870 000 rubles, Audi Q5 - for 1 874 000 rubles.

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