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Do people want robots? Test drive Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208 2012 year came in and was successful in all but transmissions, especially the "machines" that can ruin the whole were positive from bright appearance, excellent chassis, practicality and reasonable price. To remedy the situation, Peugeot has released a new modification 208 - a "robot". We understood that there was the power unit 1,2-liter engine and a new robotized gearbox worthy alternative 1,6-liter engine with the old AKP Roads Baltic.

Four-stage "automatic" AT8 who used no alternative offered to Russian buyers who want a car with two pedals, always caused a number of complaints. Transmission is not optimally selects transmission long thinks switching and no different economy. "Robot" was intended to solve the problem.

This robotic box called Efficient Tronic Gearbox, however, are not new, it is made on the basis of aggregate 2-tronic, which was mounted on the Peugeot 207, as well as other compact models of Peugeot and Citroen. However, in 208 mission has undergone several improvements. She received a new electronic control unit shifting (TCU) from the company ZF and new software. , A number of features that are designed to smooth the cons robotic box and bring it in performance to the ACT.

And what actually happened? We had to ride with 208 and through the narrow streets, and snow-covered road.

The route began in Vilnius. Ride on this beautiful city on the hills with winding streets on the Peugeot 208 was a complete pleasure: 1,2-liter 82-strong engine is very briskly behaves in urban modes. On half-empty streets and steep slides, the Efficient Tronic Gearbox systems operate with dignity, the "box" does not pull, the gap between the gears is almost not felt on the smooth acceleration. The car is bright, maneuverable, with a light steering wheel and a small turning angle. It is not a problem to find a parking space or to part with an oncoming car in a narrow alley. Despite the fact that most of the streets are paved with hated motorists paving stones, this hatred has disappeared at 208: the small uneven suspension is swallowed completely imperceptibly and practically soundlessly.

The only problems arose in when I had to parallel park on a small hill. System designed to keep the car on a slope, does not work - too small an angle. But start fires regularly - approximately 5-7 seconds. While you will wait that the car starts to move itself, have time to roll back. If you press on the gas - time to connect a separate start and jumping into the bumper car standing in front of the car. Unaccustomed to properly dispense force on the gas pedal is almost impossible.

Having circled around the city, we leave on the road. It turns out that 208 is still mostly for the city. A very light and sharp steering wheel, which so pleases in the alleys, starts to tire, one awkward movement can lead to a foul. The small weight causes the car to hang out on the road with the slightest lateral wind, rut or snow porridge. Yes, and 1,2-liter 82-strong motor, which strikes with its speed in the city flow, at speeds above 80 km / h "blown away", and overtaking is not an easy task. With active acceleration, the dips in the thrust at the shifts are felt doubly. But in the new gearbox there is a function of manual switching, which helps a little when overtaking.

By modernizing notable improvement was the absence of jerks on the shifts, which "famous" old robotized transmission. But instead of them appeared even greater failure in tension on switching. For operational update feature "robot" close to "automatic" in that car yourself budge when the brake is released, without hitting the gas pedal, and does not roll down a hill with a slope. Sounds good, but in fact to both functions have a claim.

But start still not the same as on automatic transmissions. The vehicle is started with a delay of exactly equal to the time shift transmission: brake release, you realize that not going anywhere, and you press the gas, and as a result start overly sharp turns, because by this time the car still starts to move by itself. You can get used, but in the early days of driving this car you have to be careful.

System designed to keep the car on a slope, "sees" only steep hills, and a small rise (such as most of the city flyovers) car still rolling backwards, confusing the driver. Guess where the system works, and where not, is quite difficult.

On the one hand, with the new "robot" and 1,2-liter engine machine became faster and provocatively, has acquired its own, somewhat skittish nature, to which the owner will have to get used to. 208 also become more economical (reported consumption in liters 4,8 entirely untrue) than the model with 1,6-liter engine and the "automatic" though only per liter, while 1,6-liter on 42 powerful force. On the other - the new system confused driver is unpredictable actions, "robot", getting rid of the jerks got frightening failures on switching.

Usually the main reason for installing a robotic box is its cheapness. For a lower price, you always have to put up with certain inconveniences. Here, the negative qualities of the "robot" tried to minimize, but at the same time, it is not tangible to save on the new version of the Peugeot 208: it is cheaper than the model with the 1,6-liter engine and conventional automatic transmission, but insignificantly - in Russia it is 610 000 vs 650 000 rubles. On the driving characteristics, and that, and that transmission have a number of censures. The sheer plus of the appearance in the model range of the robotic modification is that now the buyer will be able to choose, with what disadvantages it is easier for him to put up.

Sophia Kleymenova

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