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Updated gifted. Test drive Opel Insignia

Update, but not a new-generation model - it's usually either work on the bugs, or the desire to somewhere in the middle of the way to refresh the already successful car to bring it to the attention of the media and spur sales. Paradox, but representatives of automotive brands in this commenting reasons updates prefer not to specify neither the one nor the other factors remaining somewhere in the middle, and fending off questions about typical phrases desire to do the best for the buyer.

Nevertheless, take a look at the list of innovations in some fresh car as it becomes clear what is sought by the company. In the case of an updated Insignia, which we have used to try, obviously - Opel aims to be modern and to be close to the premium, while remaining in the same price range.

Take the main thing that has changed in the updated Opel Insignia, - this clearance in front of the cabin. The abundance of buttons on the center console replaced 8-inch touchscreen monitor. Now for multimedia control and navigation system do not need to touch your eyes or look small keys - you can use the display itself, remote control on the steering wheel or joystick-new touchpad in top versions.

Of course, owners of the buttons in the "Opel" get used quickly and in fact use only a tenth part of them, but still the laconism of the new multimedia is much more convenient. The joystick touchpad, which boasts top versions with a large 8-inch monitor, is very convenient: it "understands" pressing one, two and three fingers, performing different functions. To enter the address it is now enough to draw the desired letters on the touchpad - they will be recognized by the system. I like how the navigation system changed, which is now also in the database, only with a smaller screen with a diagonal of 4,3 inches: the picture became more informative, a display of the sequence of motion and separation into strips appeared, the signs for the congresses became clearer. Information about traffic jams is not superfluous, but in Russia this function will not work. But if the smartphone has an Internet connection, you can share it with the machine.

But on the contrary climate control, a new key, which had just not enough - synchronization temperatures for driver and passenger. The Germans also have guessed that one small USB-input, and now their whole two: you can not think about what exactly stick - stick with music or phone.

The red monochrome display on the dashboard is clearly obsolete, so that in the updated machine there are three options for design - depending on the configuration. So, the basic version is the classic three "wells", in versions of the richer 4,2-inch display of the on-board computer is added, and the most luxurious version is the 7-inch display for the entire instrument panel, which can be displayed to the soul, whether it's a classic speedometer or digital, as well as navigation tips, phone, media player, etc. No misunderstanding: it will take no more than five minutes to set up the dashboard "by itself".

Better after the update, Insignia became also in safety issues - now the driver is helped by the system of recognition of road signs, tracking dead zones (with her help it was possible to minimize the problem of poor visibility in small side mirrors) and for observing the lane. The new cruise control, operating at speeds up to 180 km / h, can fully stop (if it is not an emergency braking) and then accelerate the car. And about the rear-view camera, which was not previously in any configuration, it's not even worth talking about - how could a car positioned in a premium manage without it?

Newfound ability Insignia and emphasizes new look radiator grille widened and lost chrome trims - now they are glossy black. Smooth lines flow to the stroke of the hood. Opel designers claim that the minimum drag coefficient, which they achieved in the updated car is impressive 0,25. Headlights narrowed and rear LED lights are branded chrome strip. Trim materials have not changed, but soft plastics without squeaks complain.

Having won in solidity, restyling Insignia has not lost in sportiness, even on the contrary. Gone is the grossness inherent in the dorestyling model, now the car dives into turns, as on rails, the banks have practically disappeared. At the same Insignia did not become tougher, but rather collected - this was achieved through new levers and springs in the front suspension and retuned shock absorbers. In versions with adaptive suspension FlexRide modified the control program. Significantly improved controllability of the car, the steering became more informative - there is still a power-assisted, but the steering column and rake are refined.

Yes, and under the hood is more fun. 2,0-liter petrol engine after completion gives on 30 l. from. more - 250 l. from. and 400 Nm of torque. However, for an almost two-tonne machine, it turned out to be quite a fairly turbocharged 1,6-liter engine with an output of 170 l. with., Developing a decent 280 Nm, which replenished the line. It is on this engine that Opel representatives make the highest bid. As for diesel engines on the Russian market, we were promised to supply the 2,0-liter unit, which was forced to 163 l. from. and 380 Nm, but the fate of the modifications of the power 140 and 195 l. from. still solved. The fans are waiting for the model very much.

But the start of sales is already known - new Opel Insignia will be brought to the Russian Federation by the end of the year. The Russian representative office hopes that the restyling version will be able to attract more customers to it than the current one, which entered the market in the crisis year of 2008 and was not particularly popular. Moreover, now in the lineup appeared a very attractive variant for our motorists called the Country Tourer - a versatile off-roader. From the usual Insignia this modification differs by an enlarged 2 cm up to 18 cm with clearance and all-wheel drive, paint coating on the circle protects the black plastic covers, which also give the car a more "all-road" look. Good innovation - as if the Insignia Country Tourer did not entice customers from the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack. One of the decisive factors may be the price that Opel will announce closer to the beginning of sales. Recall that the current model can be bought starting from 777 000 rubles per sedan or hatchback and with 863 000 rubles - for station wagon.

Konstantin Kozlov

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