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On the wire. Test Drive Infiniti Q50

We are accustomed to the electronic gas pedal, but the brake pedal and steering wheel have always been mechanically connected to the wheels. Now it's in the past. The first batch proof before you - Infiniti Q50.

Man is less and less involved in the process of controlling the machine. Modern electronics has taught the car to brake, accelerate, keep distance. Infiniti Q50, in addition to this, is able to independently maintain its own series. And all thanks to DAS - direct adaptive steering, the same control over the wires. Under normal conditions, two electric motors, mounted on the steering rack, correspond to the angle of rotation of the wheels. They receive commands from three electronic control units that analyze information from a variety of sensors - speed, acceleration, steering angle, roll, and others. Depending on the situation, the computer and decide on which angle to turn the front wheels. And often this is not the angle to which the steering wheel is deflected.

For example, you drive along a road with a transverse slope. In normal conditions, the car will be dragged to the side of the road, and you will have to slightly compensate for the inclination of the roadway by turning the rudder. In Q50, there is no need to do this. Electronics itself will turn the wheels exactly at the angle that is necessary for rectilinear movement in these conditions. The same with the rut: the driver of the usual car has to steer, adjusting the buildup in the rut, and Infiniti c DAS will do everything himself. And it's fantastically convenient! In addition, the electronic steering wheel increases the comfort of the car. After all, when you hit the obstacle with the wheels of one side, there is inevitably a buildup, and the steering wheel escapes from the hands, further destabilizing the car. DAS also makes the car more stable. Since the steering wheel is completely separated from the wheels, you just do not feel any flaws in the roadway, no strikes at the joints, or other unpleasant phenomena.

And what if the electronics fails? For this case, the steering shaft about halfway Q50 embedded magnetic clutch, which is closed in the case of system failure, thereby restoring direct link and steering wheels.

But what about the reactive effort? Electronics artificially makes the steering wheel heavier, as in any computer game. Naturally, you can choose one of several modes of the amplifier. In the event that the front wheels are blown off the trajectory, the steering wheel will become lighter, simulating the effect of losing the grip of the wheels on a conventional car. In theory, it sounds great, but in practice it's worth traveling really fast on a road full of turns, as the artificiality of the steering wheel becomes annoying. In the sport mode, the "steering wheel" is heavier, but you still do not feel the limit of the grip of the wheels, the defects in the road surface, the nature of the canvas's microrelief - everything that you just need to feel with your fingertips when it comes to sport driving.

However, how many owners Q50 will ride it on streamers? And where in Russia to take the same road as near Barcelona, ​​which took a test drive? Is that in the south, but the proportion of Infiniti in Sochi and Krasnodar traffic vanishingly small. And other tasks DAS copes.

In addition, many mean by the word "sport" is not so much handling as dynamics. And with that hybrid Q50 okay. Enough traction in all speed ranges, the sound of "six" good to hear, and electric power grabs some time to maintain a constant speed with the engine off. Frustrating only step on the pedal effort, but it is typical for almost all hybrids.

In addition to the hybrid, I was also able to try the diesel version. Despite the fact that while the supply of this modification in Russia are planned, such Q50 still of great interest. First of all, this is the first Infiniti c engine Mercedes-Benz. And diesel cars were equipped with conventional mechanical steering.

And this car I liked even more. Yes, the steering wheel felt all shocks, vibrations, it is necessary to compensate for track and slopes covering, but we're doing it forever! But the effort is a natural, feel traction limit, and in general Q50 standard wheel and "passive" shock absorbers seemed much more interesting and sportier. Of course, this diesel hybrid sedan is noticeably slower, because power is 170 l. s. against 364, but for everyday driving it is enough.

As often happens, the new technology attracts all attention, distracting from the rest of the car. Therefore it is important to not throw out the child together with water, especially since Infiniti has turned out to be talented. Q50 is built on the G-model platform, and the external dimensions are almost unchanged. But inside the space it became noticeably larger. In many ways, this was achieved thanks to a modified rear suspension scheme: now the springs and shock absorbers are spaced apart. Space in the trunk also increased. People taller than 185 cm will be cramped from behind - it will have to slide down a bit and hold the small of the back on weight, but this is also the fault of many competitors of Infiniti.

Two displays with touch screens in Q50 made an ambiguous impression. Both have different resolution and graphics. The top seems to come from the beginning of the century - it seems that it migrated to Q50 with the old G without changes. A new, on the contrary, is pleased with the graphics and resolution at the level of the tablet, and the speed of the system at a sufficiently high level. But why are two different monitors used in one car? Is not it better to install one large, like that of the Tesla Model S? It is clear that this is expensive, but we could do with two identical, but separate displays, the boundary between which would not be so obvious. In addition, the top display on Q50 desperately flashes, and the lower one is quickly covered with fingerprints.

The rest of the interior to Q50 no complaints. Ranges of seat adjustment are sufficient seats themselves are comfortable - like options and unpretentious standard without drive and extension pillows. Ergonomic punctures I have not found, and finishing materials pleased with its quality.

Q50 sales in Russia will start in April. Only version of the first six months will be all-wheel drive hybrid in the third quarter and added to it with yet another modification of the power unit Mercedes-Benz - the two-liter turbo "four", which is set, for example, E250. Sales plan kept secret, but Infiniti hope that at least it will be sold more 1000 sedans that have optimistic plans Lexus - the latter will be happy and implemented by 800 IS.

Maxim Voronov
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