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Weightlifting. Test drive Mazda CX-5

For the Mazda crossover CX-5 - special. This car first tried to imagine all the range of technologies Skyactiv. He also became the engine Mazda sales in Russia, which has long been awaited by the Japanese car in the class of compact crossovers.

We first debuted machine 2,0-liter gasoline engine Skyactiv-D power 150 hp, later joined her and a top petrol variant with 192-horsepower engine. And now, when the diesel "Mazda" for over a year plow spaces of Europe, CX-5 to "heavy" fuel and drove to Russia.

Unlike Europe, where customers can choose between two versions 2,2-liter turbodiesel (150 175 or HP), we have available only a more powerful version, and only with 6-step "automatic." By the way, as well as gasoline cars, CX-5 turbodiesel for the Russian market is available at the company "Sollers" in Vladivostok.

Outside determine that the car in front of you with a turbodiesel, can only by the characteristic light roar from under the hood. No distinguishing markers, except the model name at the CX-5 not. And even on the plastic motor cover is engraved only belonging to the "heavenly Technologies»: Skyactiv Technology.

The situation is similar in the cabin, where the "heavy» Mazda produces only diesel-labeled tachometer. By the way, CX-5 turbodiesel really the heaviest in the lineup - 1530 kg. Already familiar, as if tailored for conservative European patterns, all interior materials are also encouraged decent finish and ergonomics. Tidy perfectly readable at any time, the steering wheel is comfortable, and all controls are located strictly on the usual places. Front seats are moderately hard with a good profile and moderate lateral support.

Thanks to a wheelbase (2700 mm) of space for rear passengers in the CX-5 enough to feel at ease. Trunk by the standards of the class is small - just 403 liters - but the space is well organized, has a backlight cover and the rear backrest folds into three parts: simply pull one of the handles.

The main attraction of this Mazda - motor with unprecedented for this type of engine compression ratio (14: 1). This forms a homogeneous air-fuel mixture, which together with the exact timing of ignition, increases the amount of work done by the cylinder, and therefore reduces fuel consumption.

And let in the acceleration to 100 km / h diesel CX-5 inferior top-end gasoline version with an engine 2,5 liter a half seconds, it is she who claims the title of the most driver. The Skyactive-D turbodiesel with the maximum torque in 420 Nm perfectly pulls already from one and a half thousand revolutions per minute. There is practically no dip below, and a reduction in thrust at maximum rpm is barely noticeable. Knows its business and 6-step "automatic". Due to the wide range, the lock-in of the CX-5 torque converter responds to pressing the gas pedal much more actively than the Mazda models that did not catch the appearance of Skyactiv technologies. True, this automatic transmission has its own unpleasant peculiarity: like the gasoline model, this one in the Drive mode rolls back from the slope. The problem was solved by introducing a system similar to the helper at the touch of the hill, which is often used on cars with "mechanics".

On the autobahn between Berlin and Dresden, where we had a chance to test diesel "tse-fifth X», Mazda kept a stiff upper lip. Crossover is well worth on the line and do not succumb to unlimited sites, where the flow rate and then rises to 160-170 km per hour. In cons - a weak effort on the steering wheel in the area of ​​near-zero and small angles of rotation.

Do not get rid of the car and insufficient soundproofing. Even on a perfectly smooth asphalt and German at low speed hum of tires does not leave room, and when the speedometer needle passes for 120 km / h, he comped in aerodynamic twist from side mirrors.

Recustomized little suspension and modified characteristics of the electric power, which are the result installation of heavier turbodiesel affected the behavior of the crossover. Small and medium-sized diesel car overcomes bumps quieter and softer, but a little more than heels, and a threshold drift front axle comes first.

It is a pity that the electrical power located on the steering shaft does not give the "steering wheel" coherent feedback, because the chassis is configured crossover very well. Despite the significant roll, arc Mazda CX-5 stands secure and confident, predictable cornering swam out with an excess of speed at the inlet and just as they did back on the path, if the driver himself and before the intervention of the stabilization system threw gas.

Now Mazda CX-5 - this locomotive sales of Japanese companies. Almost 75% sales come 150-strong version with 2,0-litrovm motor, the rest - it's more dynamic version 2,5-liter unit. Market launch of the diesel variant of radical changes will bring. Fair share of the "heavy" Mazda - just 5% with an increase twice in the next few years. Much more important fashion element. Japanese study the prospects of diesel in Russia, and then, suddenly, and bring other models with the same engine.

While diesel Mazda CX-5 in Russia is only available in two well-equipped versions: Active + and Supreme as low as 1 389 000 1 511 000 and rubles. Despite its merits, in the absence of available versions, this version is destined to be piece goods. Hope to become the owner CX-5 to "heavy" fuel must have and a "heavy" pocket.

Ruslan Galimov
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