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Portrait of a touch. Test Drive Freelander Limited

"This is one of 120 machines. Most of the settled in Moscow, and the rest went to the regions ", - says the manager of the press fleet, passing the keys to the Land Rover Freelander in version Dynamic Black. I swear, I did not worry so even driving Jaguar XFR on summer tires in a heavy snowfall. Imagine that the chances of finding the same car on the road close to zero, is expensive. But it is unique Freelander Dynamic Black, how do we draw?

The second generation Land Rover Freelander, appeared on the Russian market in 2006, survived not one facelift. However spetspaket should place apart from the restyling. This is, first of all, the desire to play with the English content. Manufacturer hardly expects any excess profits from sales of Dynamic Black - as evidenced by the number of cars imported into Russia. But then who needs Freelander, whose price tag (from 1 990 000 rubles) surpasses even some bundling Range Rover Evoque?

Per week spent driving Dynamic Black, I learned all the configuration Freelander heart. "Out went the basic crossover with a diesel engine. Hmm, this is probably the top version HSE. And, here, by the way, Freelander with 190-strong turbordizelem "" - did not let up consciousness. Parked at the office somehow Dynamic Black next to the black in the middle Freelander assembly, came to an unexpected conclusion that they look like two completely different cars. And like the same lines of the body, and the optics almost identical, and the shape of the bonnet, but they seem so different.

Dynamic Black version distinguish from all other Freelander can be on several grounds. Spetsversiyu will give body kit, tailgate spoiler, bi-xenon headlights and 19-inch alloy wheels. Well, of course, color. He called Santorini Black, in Russian - black metallic. It would seem that the update is not very serious, but with their help, the manufacturer was able to pull the crossover face. Freelander became more serious and inside. Seats sheathed thick black leather, soft plastic on the front and if silk ceiling - for now mandatory for premium level.

Car rides to match its appearance. Test specimen was set in motion for the entire line of top-end motor Freelander. Four-cylinder engine volume 2,0-liters gives 240 l. s. and 340 Nm of torque. This unit appeared at the Freelander relatively recently - in 2012 year when model survived the second restyling. The motor was replaced in the range V-shaped "six", which had to assemble the most expensive version of the car. However, with the task of saving fuel - engine, alas, has not managed to 100 percent.

During the test in the urban torn mode, the average gasoline consumption was approaching 22 liters for 100 kilometers. And, on Freelander did not burn rubber, did not arrange arrivals from traffic lights and especially did not leave daily on impassability. By the way, a month ago we tested the Jaguar XF exactly with the same engine. In the rear-drive sedan, the appetites were noticeably more modest - about 16 liters in the city and 10 on the track. For the sake of justice, Freelander has a higher center of gravity, and, as a consequence, the worst aerodynamics in comparison with XF. In addition, the crossover is heavier than a sedan for 115 kilograms, which is also very important. At last, at cars various transmissions: at XF "automatic machine" eight-step, and at Freelander - transmission with six steps.

Even with all "and from Freelander", the car is going great. Perhaps, according to this indicator, he is the best in his class. Set the speed and let it be somewhat disproportionate to the increasing tenor of the engine, but the car's dynamics are enough for the eyes. True, in the city rhythm there are several things that Freelander frankly annoy. For example, the delay in pressing the gas pedal. The transmission is tuned in such a way that it tries to switch at high rpm - hence, most likely, and the corresponding fuel consumption. To the pedal you touch lightly, barely noticeable, and the arrow of the tachometer jumps between 3 and 4 thousand rpm.

Initially, general management Freelander seems somehow unusual. For its modest size landing the car high - this is dictated by ground clearance 210 millimeters. Inside Freelander allows to associate themselves with the smooth frame SUVs through the hood before my eyes, low window line and window control buttons located near the place where the other vehicles - ducts.

Off-road vehicle behaves beyond praise. It seems to be the same as that of classmates, four-wheel drive with Haldex clutch fourth-generation, short suspension moves and the absence of mechanical locks. But no, Freelander loves and knows how to move down the asphalt. Explanations for two: a universal system settings thrust depending on traffic conditions and clearance, which would be envied even frame SsangYong Actyon with their 185 millimeters.

Do Freelander has four settings mode: normal, grass / gravel / snow, mud / sand and track. Moreover, each of them working conscientiously as possible. For example, you drove in the sand, was transferred to the mode selector and the machine is shut off all electronic aids and will row without failing traction. Properly working and transmission, which in the example competitors manual does not attempt to change gears.

Say that the car was too limited in terms of geometric cross, you can not. Crossover at the appropriate driver skills can give some form of frame models on the roads. But how often the owner of a 120 Freelander Dynamic Black is dipping it in the dirt? On the other hand, the English do not reconfigure the same chassis for some spetspaketa.

The main thing is the pleasure of driving. Pleasant brakes, just a delightful steering wheel and the absence of knocks, crickets and creaks on the go. As the English manage to do this - I will not put up a mind, but I do not want to leave Freelander. There is not the slightest desire to get out of the car and the passengers. Despite the size, inside the crossover sit spacious. Especially, it can be said about the rear sofa, where the seats are no less than in the same Volvo XC60. Another thing - the trunk. But he let and not very big (755 liters), but in it Land Rover has a full-size reserve. This, by the way, is also an echo of the past: almost all cars designed at the beginning of the 2000 have a full spare tire in the trunk.

Freelander in Dynamic Black version has everything to fight on equal terms with the older and better equipped competitors. Another thing that 120 machines - it is rather a demonstration of the possibilities, rather than a desire to really increase their market share. Maybe, Dynamic Black - a kind of announcement of the third generation Freelander?

Fedor Romanov
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