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Work on the image. Test Drive Porsche 911

Bright yellow Porsche is parked at the office. I feel nervous minutes before the end of the day, or rather, to eight o'clock in the evening - this time with Bauman can go more or less calm. Suneshsya before - will have to push. Later - it means delay for some time meeting with Porsche 911 Turbo S, the most powerful and expensive 911-m in the lineup.

Thinking not the shortest, but relatively free route, I fall into the sports ladle. Closely. Very crowded. With 197 centimeters of growth, it's a sin to complain, but still ... As I grunted, trying to adopt a position different from the fetal position, people gathered around: few passed by the yellow coupe parked in front of the business center entrance. An unscheduled photo shoot took another 15 minutes. Now they are waving their hands, they are bawling something. They want to skate. At least as passengers. It's hard to refuse colleagues, especially if they are beautiful girls. Another hour left for the defile around the business center. For them - delight. For me - the schedule failed.

Finally we are one on one. Behind the rear axle are six opposing cylinders with a volume of 3,8 liters with a turbocharger. Power - 560 hp, torque from 700 to 750 Nm (in overboost mode). Drive - all-wheel drive, gearbox - "robot" PDK with two clutches. Acceleration to 100 km / h - 3,1 seconds. The maximum speed is 316 km per hour. But that's not all. The rear wheels are able to steer: at low speed in the opposite direction, reducing the radius of the turn to 10,6 meters; at high speed, turn in the same direction as the front, improving the course stability. Rubber, glory to Ferdinand, winter, so theoretically I am fully prepared to deal with snowdrifts. Clearance - 16 cm, and this, for a second, more than other crossover. Promising characteristics. What are we standing for? Go!

Yes power in excess. In normal mode, transmission and running necessary to press on the gas, as 911-th shoots forward with such acceleration that fear for reliable fastening of a back seat. All 700 Nm always available. No matter whether you're going to 60 km / h in the city or on the highway near 110 on the gas supply is always tough and unequivocal response - powerful acceleration. But I expected more visual, more emotion, and they are not and never will. Because even at exorbitant rate 911 Turbo S behaves as if it is for him - the normal mode motion.

Hope dies last. Five in the morning, the Yauza Embankment. From Kursk to the Deer Shaft and back - the most interesting route in Moscow for checking controllability. At this time, a minimum of machines, you can hooliganize. But there the character 911 Turbo S only slightly opened. Full drive here can vary the distribution of traction between the front and rear axle from 30: 70 to 50: 50. At start, more traction goes to the rear axle. Because of this, sometimes 911 strives with a sharp overclocking to slightly curl the back on the arc. At the same time the stabilization system does not turn on, the differentials instantly level the car. I want pepper, but I do not.

Stiff suspension, but humane - for the whole test never worked before breakdown. For more courage seems worth it to make it even harder to feel - it's not a tourist coupe. And so - you can safely ride through the city to move the tram tracks, hatches, and other small things not to drop the course - 911-th wheel will not lead.

The car is so safe and unperturbed that it forgives the arrogance of rebuilding at high speed with one hand on the handlebars. This equanimity, by the way, is worth a lot. The complexity of the mechanical and electronic stuffing 911-y will give odds to even space shuttles. In addition to a competently tuned all-wheel drive, there is still a tricky Torque Vectoring system that manages inter-wheel differentials for better stability. At a speed greater than 120 km / h, the "second floor" of the rear wing is detected from the rear, in front of the servo-driver puts forward an elastic rubber "lip" under the bumper. It only looks like a scraper for snow, in fact its role is to press the front end to the road surface and optimize the airflow under the bottom.

Justified the expectations 911-th? I do not know. This is without a doubt a terrific vehicle banal lack of emotion. Take, for instance, the sound of the motor: 560-strong monster to sound angrier bass. The same little porykivaet. Fed cat, calm.

So it turns out that there is nothing to make a conclusion from. Yes, and early, apparently. Porsche 911 Turbo S - one of the most progressive, technically advanced cars. However, where this progress leads, I am very worried. The adrenaline that I experienced at the wheel 911 Turbo in 2007 year, there is no trace. There is no such smart mechanical box that could compete on the clarity of the drive with the shutter of the sniper rifle - in the new generation only "robot" PDK is possible. There is no anger in the car itself. There is only security and sky-high price. Well, looks, of course. However, in winter the same chic air intakes on the sides instantly turn into pockets for snow, and the dirt instantly covers almost the entire body, it is only necessary to leave the sink.

But I believe that the machine is being rehabilitated in the summer, when I had brought it to Moscow Raceway. In the meantime, you can ride in the "home-work-home" and catch views of passers-by. Work on the image.

Eugene Lipovitsky
Photo: Vladimir Sedov
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