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Good old. Test-drive Mitsubishi Pajero columnist Matt Donnelly has long wanted to ride on the last Mitsubishi Pajero, which is familiar for many years - ever since, has been Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President Group ROLF. When the driver Matt returned the car to the editor, he conveyed the boss: "Comfortable, soft - yes, he is almost the same."

What does he look like

Pajero does not seem old-fashioned. He simply similar to itself: the shape and face of this Mitsubishi virtually unchanged since the last century. This is a very long period of time by the standards of cars. Note Old does not mean bad. Guinness has not updated their products to 1759 years 57 years in Sharon Stone starred nude in Harper's Bazaar, and the best off-road vehicles - Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler - still have a lot in common with the original design, created in 1940-x. If something old still works, do not try to change anything. This is equally works for fancy your girlfriend, and for good beer, and for the right SUV.

I like the shape and design of Pajero, despite the fact that the yard 2015 year. In my opinion, if it does not appeal to you now, you will not be caught in 1999 year. This is a tall, plump beast dominant role in the appearance of which is played by large headlights, a very wide hood and massive rounded front fenders, which go down to a surprisingly narrow and neat rear. They at the same time improve the aerodynamics of the car and give it as a ferocious look, how should look like a car.

I'm sure the fans of the company were lucky that Mitsubishi ran out of money before the hands reached Pajero. This allowed him to retain a unique personality. Alas, automotive designers have children, expensive hobbies and a mortgage, for which you need to constantly pay. So, in order to continue receiving checks from the employer, they must tinker with this excellent design, which, in fact, was perfected many, many years ago. They overdid it in the latest version of the SUV. Too much chrome, too complicated lenses and not very elegant rims with a flashy design.

As far as he is attractive

Being an old man, I think that the appraisal of attractiveness was different. I like Pajero with my big doors, armchairs with good support and the fact that you do not have to perform complex gymnastic exercises to get out of the car or get into it. The SUV allows its passengers to at least partially maintain their dignity, carrying them with care and tranquility. In the Russian market, Mitsubishi still has a reputation for a reliable and rather expensive car. In my opinion, the potential buyer Pajero is a non-poor man, who does not depend on fashion trends, knows the value of money and first of all evaluates the price / quality indicator. And, from the height of lived years, this seems to me to be sexy and attractive.

Pajero, of course, is not a racing car. Acceleration here is not impressive, the maximum speed is not high. Because of its length and height, the SUV is even less competitive in bends than on straight ones. If you are looking for a car for a romantic-fast ride - it's definitely not him. But if your interests are to climb mud, then this SUV is an ideal option. Mud is its integral part: in it, he feels confident and cheerful. At the same time, the Pajero is not the best SUV in the world. From the point of view of absolute patency, he is not even in my personal five. But when you evaluate the performance along with the price, this Mitsubishi with diesel engine is the most attractive SUV in the world.

As he rides

I have already noted above that the Pajero can go perfectly if you choose the right motor. Unfortunately, our test car was in the anti-crisis configuration with 3,0-liter petrol powertrain V6 come from 1980-x. It was developed jointly with Chrysler, to move the rear-wheel drive sedans for the perfect American highways, but not for the purpose of moving two tons of metal through the swamps and mountains. SUV really need a good torque, which means - diesel.

We have a great Mitsubishi 3,2-liter V6, working on "heavy" fuel, but its choice will mean an increase in price and cost increases, including, on that. However, I think it will be a good investment if you want to get a really cool experience of driving a Pajero.

The engineers put a lot of effort to 3,0-liter gasoline engine has the right to life in this car. They removed the third row of seats, and possibly part of the noise insulation materials (according to the intrusive noise of the engine and the road). It seems that the power of the air conditioner was also reduced. On a hot day you are inside, in the oven. The ride with the windows open is not an option, too, because the machine is filled with unbearable hum.

Unfortunately, even after all these improvements 3,0-liter Pajero - a very slow car with high fuel consumption (in a four-wheel drive mode, we could not achieve a better result than 24 100 liters per kilometers).

Acceleration from a place at this SUV noisy and uncomfortable, overtake on the go - a test of nerves. For the most part due to the fact that the machine does not give enough information about how great her power supply that comes with wheels, how well they hold on to the road. On pressing the gas pedal or brake the car responds with a noticeable delay and does not respond to a significant change in the tone of the motor. Even at low speeds Pajero some cotton. However, it does not get worse with neat maneuvers or speed increases.


This is a large and fully finished car. The guys producing it, doing absolutely the same car for several decades, during which time they have achieved this perfection. I assume that the Pajero has the best build quality in its price segment, and, perhaps, beyond. There is no creaks or squeaks every door and cover can be opened with one finger and close it - with a dull click enjoyable.

Old Man this car can be called because of the lack of built-in alarm or immobilizer. To turn off the siren, you need to use a separate keychain. I and my neighbors have made this discovery early Sunday morning, when looking for a nonexistent button on the key from the ignition.

The seats are large and soft. Front electric adjustment and are really very comfortable. But the only thing - I was a bit higher than the average Japanese driver, and I did not have the length of the head restraint.

The steering wheel is excellent: it has all the necessary controls system. That's just the machine starts to buzz from any light touch on the "steering wheel". I lost count of the number of times when signaled absolutely innocent road users.

As for the multimedia system - it is normal, it is easy to manage, but the inside is so noisy that the music I, frankly, do not pay attention.

To buy or not to buy

Do not buy 3,0-liter petrol version - that's my advice. But without hesitation take a diesel engine option with 3,2 liters. Do not give money to a black car, if you do not have a great master of air conditioners or other machines for the summer. If you need a vehicle for the city, but you are not going to ride on the roads, make full use of differentials and all four modes of the box, but still gain Pajero, you'll unnecessarily and fun to drag behind a bunch of heavy Japanese technology.

Matt Donnelly

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