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Test Drive: AGCO Terragator

He's a big, yellow, spilling manure on fields. Best purchase after Lamborghini.

So we move into the Fens in Lincolnshire to meet with a man named David. In his hands the keys of Terragator 8203. It costs £ 205 000, weighs a little less than nine tons and wide - more than three meters. And David is going to let Top Gear ride it on public roads! He is amazingly serene. Not nervous. Just frighteningly calm. It turns out that because Terragator actually belongs to Richard, who whiter paper.

The largest transportation tricycle in the world, Terragator used for spraying any manure. The fields. Lime slurry and other farm liquids. But he can ride on the roads. And it does not need any special rights. The next time you open checkbook on a car hood of Santa Agatha, stop and think: there are other ways to spend £ 200 000 on yellow car. And this much exclusive club. Moreover, Lamborghini with fourteen sequential transmissions in the box you do not buy. Of which, by the way, three - rear ...

Do Terragator adjustable air suspension. SEAT! How is it that Russian oligarchs, who for the last ten years not allowed to collapse producing Italian supercars have missed it? Lord, even in the Rolls-Royce Phantom is no seat with air suspension, not to mention the Murciélago!

In Terragator there Cassette with CD-player, as in the Lamborghini. And the climate control there. In fact, the cabin - a sealed chamber to toxic chemicals with which you're having fun, not your offspring gave three heads. Doubt that Lamborghini can guarantee you that (if you carry back a poisonous powder).

So, the basic check marks are. But we have not got to the engine yet. In an era when the best fuel in endurance races is diesel, when Barak pushes the States to a black, so to speak, business, the petrol V12 in the ecosocial sense is incredibly outdated. The Terragator has a much more environmentally conscious 6-cylinder diesel, which, with a giant volume of almost nine liters, develops excellent power - 350 hp Then the engineer Lamborghini should politely coughed. But he's trying in vain. Terragator renounced the child's happiness horsepower. In the world of real men, where the children are able to freshen up the horse even before they learn to walk, everyone is only interested in the thickness of the torque. Terragator has something to boast about. Namely - 1590 Nm. This negates the entire value of flights to Mars. You can just drag it to Earth and go.

Look into my eyes and tell me you love me. Quickly

So, with this machine should be treated politely. He has a thing called "small pedal stroke," which Dave shows us the first thing. It helps not to cut out his head against the back wall of the cab when the first time you touch the gas. But even she hardly helped.

Jerks and vraskachku I go out on the highway. And realize with horror the vulnerability of other road users. Box jumping higher and higher, the rate of increase. Maksimalka here 60 km / h But it does not matter, because you already crushed Lamborghini ... and towered over by two white vans. God, help me! Well, at least now! Speed ​​really terrible. Terragator skips on the road, air suspension seat bounces rhythmically, in the eyes of all the doubles, my head is spinning. In the U.S., there are models that are accelerated to 100 km / h, but are not going about it.

Zatopchet tricycle Reliant and not even feel

Click on the brake system, and nine tons of thundering, roaring and smoke stop. On the glass - the marks of my teeth. Work the wheel, and after a dozen or more turns to lock the front radial tire 1000 / 50R25 rises perpendicularly. A reversal in these machines usually takes hours and can Terragator krutnutsya on a dime ... between two Lincolnshire curbs.

Going back. Car in front of us scatter. Fura dives into his pocket when we rush past, burping and grunting. This is called to go! Supercar you can knock down a bird. A house does not carry weak? That's just ...

Facts: Terragator 8203

PHOTO Justin Leighton

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