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Test tires Cordiant: in winter on summer tires

Raceway, Autobahn limit, primers, mountain road slippery with snow and fog porridge - not all experiments with new tires Cordiant Sport 3 were planned but all the better: we were able to test a new model of the Russian rubber in various conditions. What trials endured skepticism towards the Russian manufacturer.

Initially sunny Barcelona portends trouble. Site of the first test was the local track "Formula-1» - Barcelona Circout. The track is quite compact, and diesel Audi A4, shod in Cordiant Sport 3, not very suitable for driving on it. However, it was enough to immediately take: Cordiant Sport 3 strikingly different from the "oak" plastic tires, which seems all at the words "Russian tires."

But life lies beyond the race track. So soon we hurried to break into crews and go north along the coast of Spain. Thanks navigator 150 kilometers were more entertaining than expected. Visited someone in the yard, drove on the dirt road through the fields, we stopped in a fishing town ...

The navigator circled us around Spain, conducting absolutely unthinkable routes, having led even to France and Andorra. And the time to the plane remained less ... But the "Cordiante" had to open all its possibilities in extremely extreme conditions. At some point the road began to climb sharply into the mountains. The temperature gradually dropped below zero, snow appeared on the roadside. The first anxiety crept in: the rubber was summer. I try to keep the maximum rate - the asphalt is dry, the tires, despite the minus temperature, are not zadubeli and even continued to whistle in the sharp corners. Small drifts on icy areas only added excitement.

Making the call began appearing on roadside signs - mandatory tire chains. Snow on the edge of the road more and more dry asphalt - less. Clouds descended closer to the road that appeared, disappeared fog was getting cold and damp, and the road stubbornly crept up. Ahead was lifts and ski slopes. We're going.

Another signal of the approaching "failure" turned out to meet grader. It became clear that the winter road on streamers can not be avoided. And indeed, a few kilometers hell broke loose: clouds, fog, blizzard, almost zero visibility and snow porridge under the wheels. Here, of course, felt that the tires - not winter.

Had to go to the limit. Heavily discounted rate can not, the plane will not wait. Ice under the wheels and porridge. Car almost unmanageable, the slightest brake actuation triggered ABS, pressing on the gas - slip. At the most minor deviations machine, despite all the system uncontrollable slide. At some point, you feel like a shell for curling. But now, finally, the road went down. Descent of the serpentine pulsating ABS successful, even managed to make a couple of overtaking.

And the Congress from the mountains waiting for us autobahn. Plane will not wait, so I had to squeeze out of a diesel Audi A4 best. The limit in kilometers per hour 208 tires feels like she and developed for such speeds. No swimming, despite the rather high profile, not felt. The only discomfort that revealed at high speed - a strong buzz. I do not think it can be less in daily operation - up 150 km / h it does not manifest itself.

Tires - the most important element of safety. Dozens of car electronic systems, hundreds of tests, millions spent on crash tests, may be thwarted if the car owner simply chooses a bad rubber. Cordiant Sport 3, despite the initial skepticism proved to be good and reliable tires.

In order not to be unfounded on the emotions of a simple ride, albeit under extreme conditions, we give the results of Cordiant's own measurements - in comparison with the "model of a European manufacturer-competitor", the price tag, by the way, is twice as high. No subjectivity, bare numbers. Acceleration to 100 km / h - braking, acceleration to 80 km / h - braking on wet asphalt. Everything is controlled by electronics. The results were as follows: Cordiant - on dry asphalt from 100 km / h - braking distance of 44,9 meter, on wet pavement from 80 km / h - 33 meter. Indicators of the competitor under the same conditions: 44 and 33,7 meters. It is clear that the full objective picture of one arrival is not obtained, but the approximate layout becomes clear.

But there is still one thing for which "Kordiant" can be a minus. This is a small assortment of sizes. Sport 3 only offered in most running dimensions 13, 14, 15 16 and diameter. Low profile is not planned, 17 diameter will be, but in the digestible form - for a small crossover. Large size will not be uniquely determined. That is the owner of Subaru WRX STI buy the tires on your car will not at all desire, owner BMW X5 - too. And get a good tire at a price below the average twice as everyone wants. Marketing, of course, but it still hurt.

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