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That inside. Test drive BMW 5-Series

Too great was the disappointment of BMW fans in the "five" in the body of E60. After the hyperpopular, which became one of the symbols of its time E39, it became a real failure. In milder terms, this was confirmed by the employees of the Russian representative office of the Bavarian company at the presentation of the updated BMW 5 series in the body of the F10. Yes, tells us the director for corporate communications "BMW Group Russia" Vasily Melnikov, there was a decline in interest in the model, in its segment inferior to "competitor A" and "competitor B" (the names of companies, following corporate ethics, are not called, but it is not difficult to guess ), but with the release of F10 Bavarians came out on top - people are satisfied with the car. Already by the middle of the life cycle of the last (sixth) generation of the "five" in the world, over one million cars have been sold, which makes this model the most successful in the history of the BMW 5-Series (E60 for 7 years of release, for example, was realized in the amount of 1 423 021) .

This explains such minor changes in the appearance of the updated car. Best the enemy of the good. By and large, the new strokes in the exterior are limited to almost imperceptibly altered bumpers, a different form of air intakes and more clearly defined lanterns. Well, the GT has a slightly different back part, due to what the volume of the trunk increased by 60 liters (up to 500). At the same time, aerodynamics of all modifications improved. It's not just the external changes, but also the working out of the bottom and wheel arches of the car. For version 520d, for example, the drag coefficient is now equal to 0,25.

By the middle of the life cycle of the latest generation of BMW 5-series has sold more than a million cars.

There is another point: if you see on the street BMW 5-Series with halogen headlights (also sold such), rest assured - it dorestaylingovyh version. The new Xenon is the default. Another important detail: the trunk lid is opened, it is worth to spend foot under the rear bumper (if the car keys in your pocket). Such a system we have seen, for example, the new Ford Kuga. There are, however, not been thought closing mechanism compartment, here is sufficient to foot again, and the lid falls. If the system senses an obstacle, the fifth door freezes in place.

Interior as if changed even less. Added the ability to choose the backlight color from white to pale yellow. Changed the form of coasters: they became more and easily hold a bottle. Upon closer inspection, it appears that increased in size branded "Puck" multimedia system iDrive. Moreover, she received the touchpad, which should take handwritten text - enough to draw letters with your finger.

If you see on the street 5-th series with halogen headlights - that's exactly dorestaylingovyh version.

Another was the engine lineup. Now all units meet the environmental standards of Euro-6. However, for Russia it is not so important to us still come "sharpened" under the Euro-5 motors. In Europe, the first version will 518d, which will be the cheapest option "five". In our country it will not be delivered: according to representatives of BMW, this car is no interest.

So, apparently, for the first meeting, we were offered a top and close to him options: 530d and 550 - both will surely be in demand in the Russian market. Managed to ride the first diesel engine - it was equipped version GT. For this modification had a wheelbase stretch on 102 mm, and more seriously change the suspension settings - towards comfort.

At the output was a hatchback, which lost a good part of those qualities for which BMW has always loved. However, it is this car that is able to attract a new clientele, previously loyal to other premium brands. Firm firmness of the GT as it never happened. Here it is delightfully comfortable behind: a lot of space, chairs with adjustable backrest inclination, absolute detachment from the condition of the roadway (noise insulation eliminates all extraneous sounds, suspension - irregularities and pits). Behind the wheel, it's not that bad, but not at all "in the BMS." The machine, unlike most of its relatives, does not provoke a sharp ride, on the contrary, it leads to a maximum calm and smooth movement.

GT has lost most of the qualities for which her fans love the brand, but is able to take the audience from other brands.

GT weight compared to a conventional "five" more on 150-200 kg, depending on configuration. Higher than the single platform model, the center of gravity. As a result, the car sways when maneuvering at high speed - not critical, but noticeable, and turns with the lazy part, a reaction to the gas pedal phlegmatic.

In this 3,0-liter engine is close to ideal. Elastic on the entire speed range motor power 258 l. s. has great sound inherent rather powerful gasoline than diesel unit. Until 130-140 km / h the vehicle accelerates in the same breath, after acceleration is given to him with little difficulty.

Ideal option for the city - 3,0-liter diesel unit capacity 258 horsepower.

5-Series sedan on road behavior - a completely different car. Habitually stiffer suspension, 8-step "automatic" (on the GT is the same but tuned differently - quieter operation), the reactions on the accelerator and steering wheel shake a much clearer and more than a hatchback. Driving this car get real pleasure: you want to turns on the road were as steep and never ending. This is especially significant when the suspension operates in Sport + (maximum shock rigid wheel extremely spicy).

The Comfort machine becomes much more comfortable, the reaction gas - more fluid, transmission is in no hurry to switch to a lower. Meanwhile, until soft GT sedan far: Sport + on a hatchback, the feelings, close to the Comfort on the sedan.

Petrol unit mounted on the sedan - a masthead for "fives" motor (M5 put aside). His power in 450 l. s. and maximum torque Nm 650 impressive and dynamic characteristics (4,4 seconds - acceleration to 100 km / h) sports car would not be ashamed. It seems after 150 km / h unit is not just not lose dynamics, on the contrary - accelerates more readily. However, for the urban environment such engine - search. Clocked up hundreds on 1,3 seconds longer (the figure for the sedan, the GT time to disperse hundreds with this engine - 6,2 c) diesel engine enough for the eyes.

Masthead petrol engine allows the sedan to accelerate to hundreds of scheduled sports car - 4,4 seconds.

The difference in price with similar trim levels between 550i and 530d is 380 000 rubles (3 320 000 rubles for the petrol version, 2 940 000 rubles for diesel). In general, the price plug for the novelty is 1 825 000 - 3 635 000 rubles. The restyling cars, by the way, are offered for the first time with different finishing lines: BMW Luxury and BMW Modern. They differ from each other only in the elements of decoration. Another thing - a sport package, which you can equip any version. In addition to the aerodynamic body kit there is a retuned suspension, sport seats and a three-spoke steering wheel of the original form, another distinguishing feature of the updated model.

In general, in the company BMW have acted wisely, practically not changing the appearance of the "five". The fans of the brand will soon learn to distinguish the version at first sight. Buy a new one for sure will be even better than a dorestayling car. Everything good (including appearance) remained with the "five", while new nice options like navigation added, which builds the route, focusing on traffic jams (alas, not yet in Russia). In addition, on one platform, BMW produces three different cars: sedan, wagon and hatchback GT. In general, you can not doubt: this "five" in a million copies sold will not stop.

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Nicholas Zagvozdkin

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