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Lost in Translation. Test drive Range Rover Sport

Text napisa with skrasch in commonly understood but perceptually square and even irritable it. Were able to read this? Then understand and Russified multimedia Land Rover, it is with the help of such words should be warped to guess the value of menu buttons and recommendations onboard computer. If you overcome the language barrier incivility, the new Range Rover Sport should not remain any grievances - almost.

Inept Russification menu - a problem for all Range Rover, Evoque on to Vogue, and the new Sport in this regard "polite" did not. Worse than just the Welsh language in which the British Wales, where he held a test-drive new products, decided to write the names of settlements.

With the release of a compact crossover sport-coupe, which the British in 2011 year "evokirovali" world, "Sports" in the line "Range Rover" took a great middle ground. New generation can still enjoy all the benefits of walkable "big» Range Rover, but it does not suffer from its own majesty in crowded streets and through "evokovskih" headlights, tilt the windshield and sloped roof line (without excessive metrosexuality) looks that the previous owners rush to give the car to her grandfather.

Now with the older Sport much more in common than before. First of all - a common platform, whereas the previous generation used the "cart" Discovery. A new, all-aluminum monocoque allowed to win in mass 39% compared to the previous model - up to 420 kg. The novelty on 62 mm is longer - 4850 mm, although the overhangs are shorter, and wider by 55 mm. In the beauty of the forms lies the victory of Land Rover over its own aerodynamics: Cd is equal to 0,34-0,37 depending on the motor. From the flagship of the brand RRS has absorbed and fresh technologies - from Terrain Response of the new generation to the touch screen, separate climate control on the second row and significantly higher quality compared with the predecessor of the materials of the finish. Even appeared an optional third row of seats (Range Rover - in the long version) for two very compact and slim passengers.

But in a car that blinds the eyes with luxury, even when it enters a swamp, annoying household trivia is much more significant than in a golf class. And some are completely unforgivable. I can believe that for someone located at the racks of the power windows will be convenient, but until such people have not met. And the inner door handles are awkward, as in Logan, only of soft plastic and leather - it's good that automotive door drivers finally appeared. 8-inch monitor allows you to watch movies in HD-quality and colorful cartoons system Terrain Response, but flashes in the sun, and touch "buttons" are pressed much worse than in the Volkswagen Golf, which for one Range Rover Sport you can buy 4,5 pieces. The "two screens" mode, when the passenger and the driver see different pictures, is perfect, only to get out of it is three steps. Music streaming through the cord of the smartphone into the elegantly lit USB port, several times for inexplicable reasons, it broke, and all the 23 dynamics of the pure-sound Meridian audio system fell silent in sorrow.

Already promised by the projection on the windshield and recognition of road signs, it appears, on the machine is not yet established. And oh, how the latter lacked in lanes Wales!

Slightly, in the details, and inferior British SUV competitors-Germans. If drowned car, close the windows can not be - yes Mercedes CLA laugh back!

But for noise insulation the new Range Rover Sport surpasses all competitors - the company was not too lazy to buy Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5 and measure the number of extra decibels. It is a pity that in the "quiet" competition did not participate the new Mercedes-Benz GL, present in other comparative tables, it would be a reference competitor. Okay, let's dwell on the fact that Range Rover Sport due to the soundproof film on the windows, sound-absorbing foam instead of plastic in the heating and ventilation ducts and new cunning attachments really carefully protects passengers from howling wind and road noise, delivering only the sweet roar of the engine to the salon.

Under this roar, with a wide hood in front of the eyes, with excellent visibility, in a comfortable armchair deftly massaging your back, surrounded by shiny soft skin panels and a delicious smell you can not feel restrained. The Sport prefix justifies the smaller diameter steering wheel compared to the Range Rover, the more grasping and lower-mounted seats and the Jaguar F-Type gearshift lever instead of the washer. As the project manager Chris Atkinson said, customers asked to return the lever, they say, this gives sportiness. And the puck does not always get out in the cold - it's from personal experience. I wonder if the way to control the gearbox on the new generation Evoque will change? He is more athletic, at least at the expense of a lower center of gravity.

Fortunately, Sport actually collected Range Rover, and not only due to the smaller size and interior parts. Changed firmware electric steering - "bagel" responds to 10% faster, making lock to lock three turns and suffused with a force of near-zero zone. Already feel more confident on the lines easily keeps the car in check, but when maneuvering feeling smearing and delays still remains.

The body itself is also more stable in comparison with the leader. If there is an optional mode Dynamic, you can not disable it - it adjusts the damping force for better stability, analyzing the behavior of the machine 500 times per second, and minimizes body movements. If only the red light instead of white is not irritated. As a normal Range Rover, anti-roll system is put only on the top eight-cylinder cars (4,4-liter diesel engine 339 hp.. 5,0-liter and 510-horsepower gasoline).

With the most powerful motor and began my acquaintance with the Range Rover Sport. He really should surely turn paths, almost bowing sides sidelines, while turning any irregularities in the fabric soft featherbed. Compared with diesel cars at petrol stiffer damper settings and thicker anti-roll bar. However ...

Surprisingly, the average diesel version (292 hp) with "softened" settings subjectively seemed more collected and elastic! And traction is more pleasant and dosage is easier. So, to "hundreds" diesel will accelerate the car 6,9 seconds. Those 5,3 seconds that are required by the V8 Supercharged win only closer to the finish line, because at the start both cars react too sedately to the pedal pressed to the floor. Yes, and there is nothing excessive playfulness for such a big serious machine. After the overclocking, the questions to the eight-speed "automatic" ZF end, because he manages not to remind himself at all: neither jerks nor delays when changing gears. In the sport mode, it is optimal to withstand increased transfers, so there is no need to use the steering wheel paddles (option for 7200 rubles).

In the suspension used a lot of aluminum components, in particular, the upper levers and swivel fists in the front double lever and almost all the levers in the rear mnogorychazke, installed a new stabilizer of the transverse stability. Pneumatics, borrowed from the Range Rover, is capable of changing ground clearance, dropping by 10 mm lower than before, when landing, and reaching the maximum 278 mm in off-road mode (+ 51 mm). Of course, this is slightly less than the usual RR with its 303 mm, and the depth of the ford and suspension moves are inferior to it, but among the competitors Range Rover is uniquely in the leaders - the wheel travel is 546 mm, and the potential water barrier can be a height of 850 mm .

Speaking of Brod on the Range Rover Sport will debut a new "trick" - a central monitor can now display animations with deep ford. However, it is more colorful cartoon as sensors embedded in the side mirror and the scan height of water in the place where the machine is already. So check the depth of the swamp or river stands the old-fashioned way - with a stick.

But the charm of these pictures will not be taken away. That dynamic image position axles, wheels and power lock-axle and rear differentials - there is good and there is visual. Rear differential lock works on 70 milliseconds faster than the previous model.

In this paper, Terrain Response system there are no surprises: The "grass / gravel / snow", "dirt / track", "sand", "stones" and "auto" mode, which is to recognize them independently, atrophying the driver any machine control skills in swamps and mud ruts. Yet surprise Range Rover Sport can be - if you release the gas in the slippery mess, and to move the rear wheels in the open. Only helped the board under the wheels - tires from ordinary road.

However, two-stage razdatka straight and downshift default is offered only with eight-cylinder motors, and for minor versions is in the optional package for the city and off-road. The alternative - a single-stage transfer case with differential Torsen, without "ponizhayki" and locking rear differential. This AWD system on 18 pounds lighter. It makes the car less bold in the swamps, but more fun on the roads - the distribution of torque is directed in favor of the rear axle. And certainly, many focused on this option.

If the choice in the segment, where he lives Range Rover Sport, then go crazy comparing competitors in all respects. Here logical thinking emotions, because these machines can not not like it. And if you love Range Rover, you can forgive him unclosed tube of toothpaste and lisping speech.

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Svetlana Aleeva

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