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That's the Kalevala. Test Drive Volvo 2014

According to legend, run, organized by Volvo, we came to Karelia to find fragments of Sampo - the mythical source of happiness and prosperity. And actually - to bring together the experience of the updated lineup Volvo.

More than 3 500 new parts received the 2014 model year machines. This is the largest update in the history of the company. Still, the whole lineup stylistically and technically led to a single denominator, removing the brackets of XC90 - it will soon be a generation change. The miserly lines of 2014 models of the model year are in harmony with the Karelian landscapes. It may seem that from the point of view of design a new restyling is more a step backwards. Counter-revolution? Let it be. In that case, consider me an inveterate counter-revolutionary. I will not hide, I first liked S60 its novelty. At the same time, I still did not dare to change my C30 to a restyling model - this plastic operation was too flimsy that it was sewn with white threads.

Now that the 2014 cars of the model year are lining up in front of me, I understand that the path of revolutionary transformation set by Comrade Steve Mattin was not originally for Volvo. Maybe it will suit Avtovaz, but certainly not for the Swedes, who do well without shaking the basics. And this task is not worth it. Ikea is waiting for a quick assembly according to the enclosed instruction, from the Swedish herring - that it will be a bit dirty, from ABBA - hit Mama Mia. In China, the US, Russia, Europe want to get from Volvo a classic Swedish car, safe, a bit conservative and practical. Therefore, the evolutionary approach has replaced the revolutionary approach.

Restyling leveled the age of the current model line. Classic S80 and XC70 are younger, S60 and XC60 with their graceful silhouettes have acquired Swedish solidity. The compact V40 Сross Сountry is still too early to change. True, the gear lever with the green indicator of the selected mode was replaced by a simpler one. The same, by the way, received all the other machines 2014 model year. Interior also led to a stylistic uniformity. It has become more expensive and cozy, especially with the decoration of a dull brown veneer, like a polished touch of thousands of hands. There was a "theatrical" illumination of the salon - adds intimacy. As it was: "Practice safe sex. Do it in Volvo. "

An unusual instrument panel with a centrally located circular dial of the tachometer and a digital speedometer made its debut on V40. And now it will be in front of the owners of all 2104 models of the model year, with the exception, again, XC90. Those who purchased cars in the Summum and above, are offered a graphical color version of the device on thin-film transistors. All this looks somewhat unusual, especially the scale of the used power. But it does not go to any comparison with the previous panel - not only that boring, but also with inferior graphics displays. And here, bright colors, a good drawing. In the ecological mode, the devices are highlighted in green, in sport mode - in red.

New multimedia system is also a mess - and the graphics, and ease of operation. And most importantly - on speed. It offers wi-fi, Internet access, navigation displays information about traffic jams.

All machines 2014 year aspired to the maximum equip with the company's Volvova security systems. City Safety is offered everywhere in basic equipment. By the way, it is now able to brake from the speed of 50 km per hour. However, it was not possible to achieve full uniformity. The company's BLIS blind zone monitoring system for S60, XC60 and V40 is more advanced. It scans the road not with cameras in the mirrors, as before, but through the radar built into the rear bumper. Electronics is able to track a car driving along a neighboring strip at a distance of up to 70 meters. And if he travels too fast (over 35 km / h), BLIS will warn the driver of the danger of rebuilding. In addition, the system with radar helps back out of the parking area, warning of cars moving in the transverse direction.

All vehicles can be equipped with active head light - creates a zone of special tsilindrik blackout blind to not traveling towards the car. For the cold winter, which the Swedes know firsthand provided heated windshield, steering wheel heating, electric heater salon. Do S60 XC60 and washer nozzles removed from the hood and hid under his lip, where they are supposed to be less frost up. At the same time they need to have a large capacity, the jet could penetrate the compacted layer of snow under the windshield.

Looking like famously wielded driving V40, squeezing between two machines, I want to avtoparkovschik was available not only the smallest, but also on the larger models. But such systems require electric power steering, and on and S80 XC70 and even S60 and XC60 still worth power.

But sports package R-Design can now be ordered for S60 and XC60 any powertrain. Recall that it is not only the twin exhaust pipes, nubuck trim and perforated leather, but also sports suspension with monotube shock absorbers and stiffer silent blokami.Tem least, XC60 even 20 inch wheels soft and comfortable. And here at S60 R-Design suspension lowered by 15 mm.
UPD. Even in Moscow, I specifically took S60 T6 R-Design. Suspension she was not as oak, as I expected. A clearance cars on 19-x disks (optional) - the same 138 mm.
It would seem much much less. In a conventional sedan, and so the engine protection, we intend to just 138 mm. However, S60 and without "er-design" is quite athletic. The new driver's seat cuddle. At Four C suspension has a sports mode good rigidity. Plump for the wheel - paddle shifters with rubber pads.

With 2014 model year for S60 have appeared more affordable all-wheel drive version with a five-cylinder engine T5 (249 360 hp and Nm). Previously, all four driving wheels were machines with liter straight-six, but there are rumors that T6 soon be removed from production. An indirect confirmation of this is the fact that a top grade S80 Executive is now available with a motor T5.

The five-cylinder turbo engine consumes less fuel than per liter inline-six-two, is beneficial in terms of vehicle tax and lets put it like Carlson, fool around. Acceleration to "hundreds" took 7 seconds, a second more than the top-end machines.

However, all-wheel drive to get revenge S60 hard tail. On wet pavement under the gas discharge machine hangs in the drift, and then abruptly stabilized. At first start, pedal to the floor box twitches, as if not knowing what they want from it, but at the next race adapts desire driver. Paddles activate manual mode but only eight seconds. And even if the selector lever in the box Manual, «Machine" is still switched up with torsion and does not fall under the permit.

Interestingly, the new suspension "shestidesyatki" - in the "Volvo" and her new XC60 called it - made a little more comfortable than it was broken ranshe.Po proselku can not sneak-energy intensity is quite decent, except that the comb S60 fulfills harshly. However, to go too fast because we feared lack dokatki machine.
In Volvo believe that in the absence of a spare wheel no tragedy there Kit, a system of Volvo On Call, which can be used to call round the clock and free tow. Believe, but the spare tire somehow quieter.

But the V40 chassis settings allow you to drive comfortably along the road with much faster speed. And, the car is shod in sports tires Pirelli PZero. V40 Cross Country has a new base diesel engine 1.6 (114 HP, 270 Nm). This allowed to reduce the starting price tag of the machine - without one ruble million. The diesel engine hums at all not on-diesel and practically does not bother with vibrations. It is so quiet that I did not notice the activated start / stop system for a long time. When it was time to refuel - the motor, despite the declared 4 liters on average, spent 9 l at 100 km., I just in case went to read the notation on the stern. D means diesel. And why does the barrel of the gun do not get into the throat? Yes, because it is here made according to the European standard, such pistols are only on some Russian gas stations. We need a special funnel adapter.

In motion, D2 also does not look like a diesel engine, neither do you have turbojams, nor do you have a turbo-catch. Powershift robotic box transmissions are long and overclocking is smooth and calm - for 12 seconds to "hundreds". In the city of Scandinavian temperament D2 is enough for the eyes and I even believe in the expense of 4,5 liters. But if on S60 I did not hesitate to overtake the timber carrier right in view of the oncoming car, then on V40 I start to doubt whether it is worth it. The pedal is squeezed to the floor, the right hand is looking for a lower gear, but the car continues to drive at its own pace. At the mark 140, the acceleration practically freezes and the arrow of the speedometer turns into a second one. In principle, if there is a margin of patience and a fairly long straight, you can wait for one hundred and seventy on the speedometer. No, of course, in the arsenal V40 there are more powerful motors, but they spend more and are more expensive.

I personally wish that S30 gone to bed earlier than was held general restyling. This is a rare case when all the changes - in the suit. Apparently, the new owners of the Swedish company even exceeded promise. Remember, the Chinese swore that they would remain a Volvo. But it turned out that the new machines - even Volvo, than the previous ones.

Eugene Bagdasarov
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