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"Yars" hefty

Test drive the tractor for transportation of an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24.

"Pinocchio", "Good", "cornflower", "gardener", "Flute", "Delight-2» - this is not the name of children's plays. This is a very powerful weapon of the Russian army: the same missile, "Good" one shot could decrease the population of the Earth in a million or so people. We experienced a car with less poetic name MZKT-79221, but no less important for domestic missile forces. It transports (and, if necessary, starts) intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 «yars" developed by the corporation "Moscow Institute of Heat."

Perhaps this is the most powerful machine on test "engine" of all time. But not because she diesel V12, developing 800 horsepower. The fact that this thing bears the "backpack" several warheads, each with a capacity of up to 150 300 kilotons. We are in the missile division in Teykovo. Meet - MZKT-79221.

Previously, these cars were called "trucks bring," but now MWTP (Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant) is no longer part of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Clearance is MZKT-79221 475 millimeters depth forsiruemogo ford - more than a meter. Crew - three people.

Tanks, planes and helicopters today - so, for local conflicts. From global Armageddon us insures only nuclear weapons. Legendary phrase "Maybe bahnem?" Before the test I did not have time to say, and if I said - the good of this would not be enough. We were given a training version of the machine where fixed "blank" in size and mass of this intercontinental ballistic missile, but not deadly toppings.

Itself missile RS-24 «yars" - the development of the well-known "Topol-M". However, in contrast to the "Poplars", this solid-fuel missile carries more than one warhead with multiple decoys, but several - such as liquid rocket R36-M "Governor" (NATO - SS-18 «Satan") . Power "Yarsa" less than "Topol-M", but as the military say, one such missile can cover a much larger area - warheads something more. Maximum range, according to various sources, ranging from 11 12 to thousands of kilometers.

The length of the three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile with a warhead - about 23 meters. "Blanks" on machine learning a bit shorter, but it repeats the mass combat missile.

MWTP-79221 - solid machine. Joke - weight 40 tons without missiles (and with it - over 120 tons).

She has eight axes and sixteen wheels, each of which is as tall as a human growth. Drive - Full; Moreover, the wheels of the first and the last three axes are controllable. And turn back in the opposite direction: turn the steering wheel to the left, and the first three axes are rotated to the left and back - right, for better maneuverability.

The first and last three axis of the vehicle driven. All wheels are equipped with tire pressure regulation.

The list of basic equipment is impressive: power steering, automatic transmission, a system for monitoring and adjusting tire pressure. In the cabin - no cheap plastic: just metal. True, there are no power windows - you have to manually lower the windows. Air conditioning is also not provided - there is only a suspended fan. Well and that for furnish of seats the present skin is used, we too doubt. But compared with the semi-axial predecessor MAZ-7919, the diameter of the turn decreased from catastrophic 52 to 34 meters. With the fact that the new car is several meters longer - now its length is 22,7 meters.

Engine - "right» V12 volume 25,86 liter, turbocharged, direct injection. Makes it Yaroslavl Motor Works. Motor develops 800 horsepower and torque over 3000 Newton meters. Consumption, however, too big - almost 300 100 liters per kilometers. As the military say, only one run it requires a whole bucket of diesel fuel. But due to the large tanks reserve of "standard" military 500 kilometers. This technique more and not have.

Besides, compared to its predecessor with the engine from the tank, the resource of the new engine with increased 300 5000 hours before. Nevertheless, after each trip being careful consideration of hours - it is inconceivable that in the strategically important "raketovoztse" something broke.

Talking about their own experiences of driving this colossus, have to forget about the typical automotive journalist reasoning informativeness Steering, suspension comfort and convenience of landing at the wheel. Because driving experience - incredible and incomparable to anything else.

Arranged everything very simple. Climb into the high cabin located. Controls, in principle, no more difficult than the bus. Huge wheel turns easily, only two pedals (and the brake - not in the center, and directly under the left foot). Is that there are lots of "support" toggle (rocket them, of course, can not be controlled - these other people do) and the handbrake on the right almost on the floor.

Box - quad "automatic", but for the front and rear single key stroke is responsible, and the first two stages during acceleration should include lever manually. And only then, when the machine has a sufficient stroke (kilometers 10 commercials per hour), you can switch the transmission in automatic mode.

MZKT-79221 is a very big machine, therefore it needs to be managed in a completely different way from the usual car. In the turns the steering wheel has to twist very much, but even on a straight line it has to be done differently. The width of the car is 3,4 meters - that is, almost twice as wide as a regular car - and the driver's cab is maximally shifted to the left. Therefore, when traveling on a rut, it is necessary to "break" your habits and direct the car so that its left part passes exactly under the driver's seat - or even slightly to the right. And this is not easy - mechanically all the time you try to shift to the right.

By the way, the chassis MZKT-79921 has civilian version - it is transported, such as drilling rigs.

At MZKT-79221, we would not be allowed to enter the North Nerburgring loop, even on public roads. Only on the training circuit. However, with a difficult terrain. And MZKT-79221 impressed: it is very easy to manage. The rudder is isolated from impacts, and maneuverability is simply outstanding for such dimensions. The only thing - everything must be done not with anticipation, but with "lag" - after all the driver's place is in a three-meter overhang in front of the first axis. That is, the steering wheel should be turned already when you are above the roadside. But to turn fast - you'll be late a little bit, and the car will fall off the road. Fortunately, with the maximum speed of only 40 kilometers per hour, there is always time to think about.

But the question is: how to "park" on such a thing? It turns out that without assistants can not do here: to safely pass the back rest of the crew go out and work alive "Parktronic". Insurance, then this technique do not.

But a couple of laps on the military ranges - and all "pokatushki" finished. Of course, a few minutes to understand the features of the car difficult. But one thing is for sure - for me it was probably the most amazing minutes in life.

Later I was told that these machines do not go conscripts: only contract servicemen not below the rank of sergeant. This is logical: one driver training takes nearly a year.

At the shooting range in Teykovo all standard. Weapon: Kalashnikov machine gun Kalashnikov, Dragunov sniper rifle and automatic grenade launcher AGS-17. But management is carried out targets from your computer. XXI century, after all.

It is interesting that in a large number of mobile launchers there is no other country in the world. A small number of installations of this type have India and China, and Americans have relied on submarines (based on them up to 80 percent of the country's nuclear potential) and ballistic missile silos. For Russia, mobile launchers play a significant role in the development of the nuclear triad. Due to the possibility of relatively rapid movement through the territory of the country, they make it possible to preserve the possibility of "banging", even if the missiles hit the enemy. Although, of course, I want to believe that it will not come to this.

Vlad Klepac
Photo Rustem Tagirova
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