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Capture the World for Dummies. Test Drive Porsche Macan

No, seriously, with a modern automotive industry is something strange going on. Once we get the hump surrounded zamylennye images, as one after another - breakthrough new items:

Evoque SUV pulled up the bar and made himself big to adjust to the Range Rover, Mercedes blinded splendor S-class, very good new "three-pointer" and "Six» Mazda, Golf for the seventh time has become the standard, and it seems that time would have to tie him to the wings . A Porsche Cayenne with their breakthrough and now here Macan, on test drive we were in Leipzig, it is time to produce benefits «N rules to capture the world for Dummies." But we must not underestimate the Ewoks - Darth Vader in a course, it ends.

With the latter, it seems everything is in order: we can argue about tastes, but Macan is not less beautiful than the Evoque. And yet, it is an encyclopedia on wheels Porsche: the grille and headlights - a common corporate identity, profile guessed 911-y, side plates, as well as lights that the chief designer of the project Macan Mitya Borkert called "lanterns future for Porsche», - a tribute 918 Spyder. Whimsical shape of the hood, however, says that when hitting the bumper and get him, and along with the headlights.

Links to the legendary Porsche models are also in the cabin. The ignition lock located to the left of the steering column is a curtsey toward the pilots of the 24 Le Mans hour. Three-spoke steering wheel - again 918 Spyder. A flat steering column is a feature inherent in many sports cars, but not crossovers. Finishing materials of the interior are expected to be of high quality: high-quality leather, real carbon. The location of the controls of the vehicle systems (around the gearshift lever) is drawn from the older Cayenne model. A large number of buttons does not make you confuse: all are intuitively clear. Except for one: the switch, responsible for shutting down the parking sensors, hid above the rear view mirror in yet another block of keys.

Porsche built on the same platform with a related concern for VAG crossover Audi Q5, but vice president of product line SUV Porsche Hans-Jorgen Vohler argues that Macan supplemented typical features of Porsche, and is quite different cars. Should agree with Mr. Vohlerom we rode Q5, and differences among them, indeed, much more than the similarities.

And, yes, Macan is very expensive. From 2 550 000 rubles for S, and from 3 690 000 - for Turbo. Already a serious figure for initial configuration, but this initial configuration Porsche. In option Macan S already at the start included bi-xenon headlights, LED light, LED taillights, air suspension and more. Pay the costs, perhaps only for sport seats, keyless access to the car rearview camera, heated steering wheel, dynamic lighting system, navigation and ventilated front seats. The price of this version - 2 954 088 rubles.

Moreover, if we compare the basic configuration similar to the power of competitors, it turns out that Macan, if more expensive than some rivals in the class, it is insignificant. So, with the starting price SQ5 354-horsepower engine - 2 570 000 rubles, dorestaylingovyh BMW X3 35i (306 l. C.) Have to spend 2 220 000 rubles and 240-strong version Evoque Prestige (similar to the base at the crossover from Porsche) cost 2 340 000 rubles.

Pays for what? First of all, for some crazy motors. In Russia, with sales beginning in April will be two options: S with an engine capacity V6 3,0 liters (340 hp.., 460 Nm, 5,4 100 second to km / h (5,2 Service Sport Chrono)) and Turbo with a completely new for all VAG 3,6-liter engine (400 hp.., 550 Nm, 4,8 (4,6) seconds). In Europe, will also crossover with three-liter diesel 258-horsepower engine, but we have to wait until its worth 2015 year. Usually the issue with the Euro-6 solved simply by stamping lower rate in TCP but, according to representatives of Porsche, they still need to fit this engine under the Euro-5.

In Europe Macan will offer three versions running: steel springs, steel springs with variable damper settings and air suspension with variable damper settings (for the first time in this segment). Focusing on the experience with Russian buyers Cayenne, which 98% of cases bought pneumosuspension in Porsche decided that our country will be brought only with the Macan.

Apart from the obvious difference in power, cars are configured identically. Only if Macan Turbo even 200 speed km / h on the autobahn instantly responds to pressing the gas pedal, and a few seconds reaches maximum 266 km / h, showing commendable resilience, the Macan S holds a straight line a little less stable.

Of course, Macan is impossible to measure the criteria for Class crossovers. In any of the three possible modes of driving - Normal, Sport and Sport Plus (with optional package Sport Chrono) - Macan strongly distanced itself from direct competitors, trying to show a real sports car. It is the flesh of Porsche, the quintessential qualities that love for the German brand. Even inexperienced driver it enables god mode on the track, forgiving mistakes (not critical of discharge, of course) when the trajectory and speed in the corners, while allowing the pilot to feel the car.

There are no rolls in turns, only during active maneuvers it turns out that the standard seats in Macan do not have enough lateral support. Feedback on the steering wheel is ideal. Suspension and variable stiffness of the shock absorbers, coupled with a low center of gravity and various tires (R 18 235 / 60 in the front and 255 / 55 at the rear of the esky, R19 235 / 55 in the front and 255 / 50 at the rear of the Turbo) provides excellent maneuverability. Seriously, no other crossover will be able to go through the complicated circuit of the turn track in Leipzig as fast as the Macan. With Cayenne's older brother, that Evoque's main competitor does not provide such a margin of confidence in the car. On them, even despite the lack of rolls, it is psychologically difficult very quickly to enter the turn, including because of the high "crossover landing." In Macan, landing is easy. Driver's seat is initially set to 70 mm lower than, for example, in Cayenne, plus it can be lowered almost to the floor.

Vehicle systems chirps, squeaks tires, but screwed into the next chicane and gives in excess of the same drayverskiy excitement, followed by auto and go to Porsche. Paddle shifters - rather a formality: the seven-speed PDK dual clutch even works well on the track and on time. By the way, it is for her behavior is most visible difference between drive modes: in Sport Plus, for example, PDK gives engine speed dropped below 2,5-3 thousands without moving while the next gear.

The only pity is that Porsche does not sound like or 911 918 Spyder. The roar of the engine, which gets deeper with each mode (from normal to Sport Plus) is still not enough of ritual madness berserk, which run from the goose bumps at the sound of the legendary overclocking relatives Macan.

For all his efforts to be among sports cars, Macan does not cause discomfort on public roads. Even in the hard mode, the shock absorbers car is comfortable, and the standard will handicap some business sedans. Questions evoked cricket in the seal of the front passenger window, starts to whistle at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. It turned out, however, that a defect in a specific vehicle on the other, this was not. Noisy in the cabin becomes only speed after 160 km per hour.

Oh yeah, the crossover ... What's out of the road? During the test drive on the offroad, Macan demonstrated an arsenal prepared for rough terrain: clearance that varies from 19 to 23 cm (at speeds up to 80 km / h), corners of the exit at 26,6 degrees from the front and 23,6 - behind (the leader of the class for this indicator Evoque 25 and 33 respectively) and the full drive. He, by the way, here, too, is not the same as with the soplatform Audi. There - Torsen, on the Macan - connected with an electronically controlled multi-disk clutch, supplemented by an electronic imitation of locking differentials. As an option is available the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus system, which provides a free distribution of torque between the rear wheels, that is, can translate to 100% of the moment on the front wheels. Summary: yes, maybe, yes, overcomes. But he's so handsome. Obviously, all this potential is rather a tribute to the cult of universalism, rather than a real desire to drive Macan into a mud bath.

And yet, it seems important in the crossover space? Well, a little rear legroom, and low roofline steals part of the space for the head, especially in versions with a panoramic roof. But the trunk is quite utilitarian: 500 l (1 500 liters with the second row seats folded), also in a special mode rear end falls on 50 mm below normal levels, which ensures easy loading. But it is important whether all this really for Macan? That is so awesome rides.

Application for the new world order? Porsche Macan beautiful, gorgeous on the road and on the track, has good off-road potential, and if there are weaknesses and he conceals them. That's just all crossovers is not enough: a year will be produced just 50 thousand. "We always want to produce one car less than we can sell," - retort in Porsche. Well, the Ewoks, are you ready?

Nicholas Zagvozdkin
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