All for watching movies!

Dear users! To watch movies online in the usual browser you want:
- Mozilla, upgrade to the latest version (at least Mozilla / 5.0 build Firefox / 3.0.11)
- Opera, set the following: Tools -> Quick Settings -> disable Note referrer (Or send data to referring page);
- IE, set the firewall settings or antivirus with firewall blocking reffer.

Set the size of the cache in your browser settings not less 1 Gigabytes. Certainly clean your browser cache before viewing, otherwise will end up movies at the most interesting (all known law "Murphy"). Movies are designed so that your internet connection speed not below 512 kbit / s. If the speed is below, click on the pause and wait until the movie is loaded into the cache (when connecting 256 kbit / s at least 20 min.). If you try to view the player arose inscription that file is not found, then wait 30-40 sec., Refresh the page and look again. If the movie is interrupted, a new player, you can start browsing from last time (click the mouse in the scroll bar on the spot of rupture), also supported by fast.

Possible problems and their solutions:

Question: I have a video instead of green square, for what reason?
Answer: Download the codecs Here

Question: When watching a movie, I always interrupted image.
Answer: Most likely, you have a low speed internet connection. For comfortable viewing channel is not required below 512 kbit / s, press pause and wait until the movie is loaded into the cache.

Question: I have a movie interrupted all the time at the same place! And other normal!

A: Clean the cache! That's how it is possible to do it:

- Opera - Press Ctrl + F12 -> Advanced -> History -> Clear.
- Internet Explorer - Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete "Cookie" ..
- Mozila Firefox - Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Clear the cache.

Question: What is the reason some movies are interrupted and not resumed the show?
Answer: Most likely the server restarts. Nothing press wait 5-10 min .. If play does not recover, then, alas, will have to start watching again.

Dear users, who have installed antivirus WEB!

In the latest versions provided caching video stream to scan for viruses, resulting in the system to boot cache movies on-line not shown (initially set to caching 60 sec.). For your convenience, set the caching 5 sec. - It is enough if you do not have Pentium 233 1995 of release, otherwise you will be expected 60 sec. before the performance.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus settings are changed as follows:

Anti -> Web Antivirus -> security -> Settings -> Performance -> limit fragment buffering time - Here set the desired time.

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