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"Englishwoman crap" - tourists began to take their feet from Cyprus

"Englishwoman crap" - tourists began to take their feet from Cyprus

April 18 2018
Tags: Cyprus, Tourism, Security, United Kingdom

On Monday, British expats in Paphos expressed a negative opinion about a number of British media outlets that posted information about the danger of a holiday in Cyprus.

For example, in the article Daily Star, published under the heading "The British leave the" hot resort "after the attack on Syria and the beginning of the 3 World War," it was said that tourists leave the island en masse, saving their lives.

"This is utter nonsense, do not panic. It's absolutely safe here. Cyprus is a fantastic place to live and rest and there is no reason to cancel your vacation, "said local resident David Patrick in response to the Daily Star article.

The expatriate from Britain and the village councilor of the village of Tala, Kati Delaney, also disagrees with the British-dominated media situation. "There is no reason for concern, the Cypriot government is cooperating with both Russia and the United Kingdom. I am sure that the situation will not affect Cyprus in any way, "she said.

Vacationers Bob and Janet Adams from the city of Torquay spend their holidays in Paphos. Here's what they think about the situation: "Cyprus is a safe place for life, work and recreation. He does not participate in the conflict at all. Only madmen and alarmists cancel trips to the island. "

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