Today: November 16 2018
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Archaeologists of Cyprus made sensational discoveries in the Troodos Mountains

Archaeologists of Cyprus made sensational discoveries in the Troodos Mountains

23 May 2018 LJ cover – Археологи Кипра сделали сенсационные открытия в горах Троодоса
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Stone tools, pictograms, jewelry and animal feed are what archaeologists have discovered during the last excavations on the Neolithic site in the Troodos Mountains. The study was conducted by the staff of the Department of History and Archeology of the University of Aristotle in Thessaloniki under the guidance of Professor Nikolaos Efstratyu.

The archaeological zone of Rudias, chosen by scientists, is located on the southern foothills of Troodos, near the river Xeros in the Paphos area. Items of antiquity were found a few meters from an earlier settlement of hunter-gatherers, called Agios Ioannis / Brescia-Rudias. Excavations in this area were conducted by the same archaeological team for several years. The place of new research was called Agios Ioannis / Brescia-Ano Rudias and, according to initial testimonies, this is an agricultural settlement, "the volume and exact nature of which is still being clarified."

The finds serve as new evidence that the interior, mountainous areas of Cyprus are of value to science, as the ancient history of the island was equated there, scientists believe.

"It should be noted that the found stone tools and vases prove that Troodos was not exclusively a place for hunting. Here, on an ongoing basis, there lived the farmers, which means there were settlements, "commented Efstratiu. The head of the expedition added that the finds opened a "new chapter in the archeology of the island."

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