Today: 26 September 2018
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Atheists can leave Cyprus without cemeteries

Atheists can leave Cyprus without cemeteries

August 20 2018
Tags: Cyprus, Cemetery, Society, Religion, Cremation, Larnaca

In Larnaka, problems arose due to a lack of money for new cemeteries.

There is a law in the law that even people like atheists, believers of other religions and people who want to be cremated have the right not to pay taxes on the creation of new cemeteries. All this is based on the 10 law of the Republic of Cyprus. But in order to become an atheist, one should apply to the Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus for a petition to abolish these taxes and assign the status of an atheist.

Such cases have already appeared in Cyprus. One example is the creation of a cemetery in Larnaca in the Tersefanu area. In Tersefanu, one of the citizens was deleted from the Greek Cypriot Orthodox community, as an "atheist."

At the same time, the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Viras states that half of the taxpayers do not pay. The municipality, after the decision of the Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can not do anything, and this caused problems with money. The City Hall itself has to pay large sums to create a cemetery without any income from it.

In addition to "evasive" citizens, who, according to the mayor, are very many, there are those who do not want to pay because they already have a purchased place in another cemetery. Thus, citizens evade paying taxes in Cyprus and such citizens become more and more. As a result, later, there may be a problem with the burial of people, due to the lack of cemeteries on the island.

Andreas Leonidis
Cyprus Butterfly
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