Today: 22 September 2018
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Vigilant Cypriots are following "strange" ships

Vigilant Cypriots are following "strange" ships

July 4 2018
Tags: Cyprus, Polis, Ships

Several readers of the sitePafosPress.comasked questions to the port services and the staff of the Internet resource with the question of the belonging and purpose of the vessel performing patrolling along the difficult route in the Gulf of Chrysochous.

According to vigilant observers, the nature of the actions and the appearance of Sputnik, registered under the flag of the Cayman Islands, are more like a warship. Anxiety is understandable, because the news is constantly present topic of the Turkish research vessel conducting illegal geological exploration in the economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus.

And, although the alarm turned out to be in vain, nevertheless a little conspiracy will not hurt. In spite of the "promenade" designation of "Sputnik" declared in all sources, the name of what it stands for most of all, its appearance most of all resembles an auxiliary vessel-carrier of autonomous underwater vehicles.

Maneuvers of the ship Sputnik off the coast of Polis, Cyprus

And such an unambiguous flag, I recall: the Cayman Islands is an overseas territory of Great Britain, similar in status to the Sovereign Military Bases in Cyprus, hints at the tasks that are being carried out in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom with the approval of the Cypriot authorities. By the way, an interesting detail confirming the special status of Sputnik - in the open access there are no photos of a strange pleasure boat with a huge working deck and clusters of radars on the deckhouse.

Dmitry Vinitsky
Cyprus Butterfly
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