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More than half of the inhabitants of the capital of Cyprus consider Nicosia clean

22 May 2018
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Eurostat published the results of a public opinion poll on whether residents of capitals and large cities of the European Union consider them to be clean. 61% of the inhabitants of the capital of Cyprus, who participated in the study, said that this is so. For this indicator, Cyprus is located between Warsaw and Amsterdam.

Are the inhabitants of Nicosia satisfied with the level of cleanliness?

  • 15% consider their city "very clean"
  • 48% call the capital of Cyprus clean
  • 19% believe that Nicosia is "more dirty than clean"
  • 18% said they were not at all satisfied with the level of cleanliness

The spread of the results is from 9% to 99%. Of the capitals, the purest are Luxembourg (95%), Vienna (90%), Ljubljana (88%), Riga (81%) and Helsinki (80%). At the other end of the rating are Rome (9%), Bratislava (28%), Sofia (29%), Bucharest (37%), Madrid (38%) and Budapest (39%).

The port of Ventspils in Latvia is considered to be the cleanest in the European Union. 99% of its residents said they were satisfied with the level of cleanliness in it. On the second place - the Latvian city of Valmiera (97%). Closes the top three Spanish Oviedo (95%).

More about the study - onOnlineEurostat

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