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Bronze sculptures became the visiting card of Paphos

Bronze sculptures became the visiting card of Paphos

July 4 2018 LJ cover – Бронзовые скульптуры стали визитной карточкой Пафоса
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Two sculptures became the visiting card of Paphos: "The Little Fisherman" (a bronze composition depicting a boy holding a huge fish behind his back) and "Another Sun" (a statue representing the goddess of love and beauty to Aphrodite).

Sculptures are recognized as the most recognizable in the city, since it was near them that people took pictures more than a hundred thousand times, and then shared these photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"Another sun" (a statue representing the goddess of love and beauty of Aphrodite)

The author of the sculptures is Iota Ioannidou. She took part in the competition organized in 2014 year, and was given the right to create two sculptures in the framework of the project "Signs of Time and Space". Sculptures were part of the program "European Capital of Culture 2017".

About the works the girl speaks:

"I did not just wake up one morning and decided that I would make a sculpture, I've been doing this for many years, and I also paint. But since these works are a public art, my name became known. "

Iota herself is modest, charming and very cute! Like most artists, there is uncertainty in it. Agreeing to make these sculptures, she put her career to an end, because she did not know what the final result would be.

"This is my way of communicating with people. Even if they do not know who I am or what I look like, they know that someone has done it. When I see people taking pictures of my work, I am charged with energy, this is the best reward for my efforts! "

Iota is firmly convinced that the sculpture can not stand anywhere, the place around makes it important, especially in the case of public art.

"Public art is more important than the art that we show in galleries and museums. Thanks to public art, you become closer to people and carry art to the masses. "

Iota IoannidouIota was born in Paphos, then graduated from the School of Arts in Athens, and then returned to her hometown, which she loves with all her heart.

The girl freely quotes the Egyptian-Greek poet Cavafy: "Wherever you go, the place will follow you."

She believes that going abroad is a temporary phenomenon and returning to the place in which you were born, to your roots, is the only way for the prosperity of art. Motivation Iota - this is not money, but her legacy.

"Everyone wants to leave something behind, it's very important and, perhaps, selfish! Someone wants to be busy though not great, but a place in the history of art, and someone wants to just sell art. I want the first! "

For the first time Iota was carried away by sculpture at the age of five to six years. It was the father who supported his daughter's infatuation.

The girl is convinced that the artist's job is to get people to experience the whole gamut of feelings, looking at his work, make them experience and experience emotions!

She draws her inspiration from everything that surrounds her around. Iota tries to catch the smallest details that many simply do not want to notice.

Art plays a big role in her life. Each next Iota work is a continuation of the previous one.

"The projects that I've done for 20 years are basically the same projects, only slightly different, it's like a signature. The idea is to give yourself time to go deeper into art, learn. Art is my oxygen, this is my life. I can not live without art. This is my therapy. This is a classic for artists, this is normal. "

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