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The ceremony of laying the first casino in Cyprus

8 2018 June
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On the 8th of June in the western suburb of Limassol Zakaki, the ceremony of laying the first stone of the future resort-city of City of Dreams Mediterranean took place.

The President of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, who attended the ceremony, called this day "historic", and the ceremony itself - "an important event" for Cyprus. According to the president, City of Dreams Mediterranean is the largest investment project in the country. The head of state expressed his "sincere gratitude" to the head of Melco company Lawrence Ho and the head of the group of companies CNS Group Melis Shakolas (the consortium of these companies was licensed to build and manage the future resort) for their faith in the potential of Cyprus.

The ceremony of laying the first stone of the future resort-casino of Cyprus City of Dreams Mediterranean.

Anastassiadis stressed that the opening of the casino would have a very positive impact on the economy of Cyprus, bringing in more than half a billion euros and providing 4 thousand jobs during construction and 6,5 thousand after the launch of the resort-casino. It is expected that the casino will bring to the Cypriot treasury 700 million euros already from the second year of operation.

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