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A year later at the airport in Larnaca will be a casino

A year later at the airport in Larnaca will be a casino

14 2018 June LJ cover – Через год в аэропорту Ларнаки появится казино
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According to Phileleftheros, it was decided to open a casino in Larnaca at Glafcos Clerides International Airport. It will begin work next year. The institution will accommodate 50 slot machines. They will have access not only to passengers from the arrivals and departure halls, but also residents and guests of the island, who do not have air tickets.

As the publication emphasizes, the final agreement on opening a casino at the airport of Larnaca has not yet been signed. Previously, ICRC Consortium, which won the tender for the creation of a network of gambling establishments in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, tried to find a place near one of the beaches or a promenade in Larnaca. However, nothing suitable could not be found.

In October 2018, the opening of gambling halls in Nicosia and Paphos is expected. In 2019 year will open a casino in Ayia Napa (near the hotel Faros). According to the contract signed by the government with the consortium, five tables with roulette and 50 slot machines can be installed in the casino in the capital, but only automata in Paphos, Ayia Napa and Larnaca.

Resort Casino City of Dreams Mediterranean in Limassol will be put into operation in 2021 year. Until then, the city will operate temporary casino, created in the building of a ruined supermarket Orphanides. It will begin work on 28 June. Until September 2018 gambling halls will work in test mode. And in September an official opening will take place.

The area of ​​the temporary casino in Zakaki is 4600 sq. M. meters. It has installed 33 tables for playing roulette and blackjack + 242 slot machines. There is a VIP room, a restaurant and two bars. Entrance to the casino will be allowed only for people older than 21 year. The consortium will hire 595 employees (75% - Cypriots) to work in Limassol, which will be transferred to a permanent casino after the opening of City of Dreams Mediterranean.

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