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A quarter of new-made citizens of Cyprus - Russians

April 10 2018
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In 2016, the passports of the Republic of Cyprus received 4660 foreigners. Of them, according toAccording toEurostat, 24,8% - Russians, 15,6% - Greeks and 7,2% - British. Compared to 2015, the number of those who received Cypriot citizenship increased by 40%. Cyprus became the third in the European Union in terms of the number of passports issued to citizens of other countries, and the first in terms of the number of naturalized foreign women.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2016 the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus were 1155 Russians, 728 Greeks, 337 Britons, 313 Ukrainians and 267 Chinese. In the list of those who received the passports of the Republic of Cyprus, citizens also appear:

  • Of Moldova - 155
  • Lebanon - 132
  • Syria - 118
  • Of Belarus - 104
  • Romania - 87
  • Of Egypt - 76
  • Of Australia - 68
  • USA - 63
  • Of Iran - 59
  • Of Israel - 58
  • Of Bulgaria - 56

Perhaps you will be surprised, but the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus granted citizenship to 23 Turks. Cypriot passports were also received by citizens of Canada, Poland, New Zealand, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Albania and other countries.

A quarter of new-made citizens of Cyprus - Russians

Cyprus - the most gallant

For every thousand Cypriots, there are five foreigners who received a Cypriot passport in 2016. By this criterion, Cyprus ranks third in the European Union. Above (six for each one thousand) only Sweden and Luxembourg. At the same time, Cyprus is the first in the EU in terms of the number of passports issued to foreign women (59% naturalized). Passport men were issued most often (in 62% cases) in Romania.

But what about the Cypriots themselves?

As for the Cypriots who became citizens of other EU countries, then, according to Eurostat, the first place is occupied by the United Kingdom, which issued citizens of the Republic of Cyprus115 passports. The second was Greece (96). Closes the top three of Germany (27). 15 Cypriots received Swedish passports, four - Belgium, three - France and Malta, two - Belgium and Italy, one each - the Czech Republic, Latvia, the Netherlands, Austria and Portugal. Three more Cypriot citizens acquired passports from Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU.

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