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A girl from Russia was injured in Cyprus

A girl from Russia was injured in Cyprus

July 8 2018 LJ cover – Девочка из России получила травму головы на Кипре
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About 11 hours of Saturday evening, 7 July, tourists from Russia addressed the Central Hospital of Larnaca. Mom brought 11-year-old daughter with a head injury. Due to the seriousness of the child's condition, a decision was made to transport him to the Makarius hospital in Nicosia, Cyprus News Agency reported. The girl was connected to the device of artificial ventilation.

The Larnaka police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. According to my mother, they stayed in one of the Oroklini hotels. The emergency occurred in a hotel room at approximately 10 pm. The girl changed her clothes and fell unsuccessfully from the bed, injured. On the morning of Sunday, the girl's condition improved - the artificial respiration device is no longer required.

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