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Documents without religion. Passports of Cyprus lose data on religion

Documents without religion. Passports of Cyprus lose data on religion

July 20 2018
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Count "Religion" in the Cypriot passport does not play a big role. But from 1960 year to these days, it was religion that divided the population of the island into Turks and Greeks of Cyprus. And the new EU Directive 2016 \ 679 applies to the protection of citizens' data.

Thus, the old customs of Cyprus, as the states of the two communities, come into conflict with the modern requirements of the EU. As a consequence, some citizens are required to classify their data on religion.

Thus, Elena Milioti, a surgeon from Nicosia, became the first religion whose religion became uncertain

Documents without religion. Passports of Cyprus lose data on religion

First, the woman tried to change the column in the passport "religion" through the church, but was refused. She then did this through the court of Nicosia, who accepted her application and gave her permission to change personal information. During the procedure, the executive bodies showed reluctance to fulfill their obligations to the court, and they began to demand an oath on behalf of Helen to change the religious status. As a result, Elena's desire to "ensure that the state and its representatives did not interfere in the filling of personal data in documents" was granted. As a result, the "religion" column in her data was deleted.

This whole situation has a direct bearing on the history of Cyprus and originates from the Ottoman Empire, when the main definition of man was religion. Naturally, all the Patriarchs and Muftis played a significant role in society. This rudiment in European countries has outlived its role to-day. But in Cyprus, the church continues to play the role of representative, if not the whole nation, then at least the greater part of it.

Andrey Leonov
Cyprus Butterfly
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