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Egypt has obtained extradition from Cyprus hijacker aircraft

Egypt has obtained extradition from Cyprus hijacker aircraft

August 19 2018 LJ cover – Египет добился выдачи с Кипра угонщика самолета
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The Egyptian authorities have obtained the extradition from Cyprus of the hijacker of EgyptAir Seifa ad-Din Mustafa. Employees of the Egyptian branch of Interpol flew to Nicosia and escorted Mustafa to Cairo, the official Egyptian agency MENA reported.

According to the newspaper "Dostur", the administration of the Cairo International Airport is preparing to accept the extradited from Cyprus hijacker.

It is reported that the Cypriot authorities decided to extradite the hijacker so that he could appear before the Egyptian court.

Airplane Airbus A320-232 Egyptian airlines on EgyptAir, carrying 29 March MS181 domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo, was captured by one of the passengers made an emergency landing at the airport of Larnaca in Cyprus. Later hijacker, 59-year-old Egyptian national Safe al-Din Mustafa, was arrested, none of the passengers and crew members was injured.

Later, Mustafa said at a hearing in the Nicosia District Court that he had committed the hijack to obtain freedom for Egypt. According to him, in case of his transfer to the "Egyptian military regime" he will be tortured and killed. Egypt assured the Cypriot authorities that a fair trial would be held against the accused and that he would not face the death penalty.

Margarita Kislov
RIA News
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