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Another child suffered in the pool in Cyprus

Another child suffered in the pool in Cyprus

7 2018 June LJ cover – Ещё один ребенок пострадал в бассейне на Кипре
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The second over the past day, an emergency incident with children occurred in Cyprus - a four-year-old boy from Korea fell into the pool in a tourist complex in Paphos, according to the publication "Fileletheros."

A family of tourists from Korea only a day before arrived on a holiday in Cyprus. Parents did not follow the boy and he fell into the pool. The child was transported first to a hospital in Paphos, Nicosia and then, his condition is rated as very serious, the newspaper said.

According to the Cypriot media, a similar incident happened on Tuesday with a four-year-old child of tourists from Russia. He fell into a swimming pool at a private home in Peristerona area in north-western Cyprus, where the family came on vacation last week. According to media reports, parents did not see for the child, he fell into the pool and began to sink. Parents took the boy out of the water, provided first aid and called an ambulance. The boy was initially taken to a local hospital and then was transferred initially to a hospital in Paphos, and then at the police helicopter flown in Nicosia. The boy is in very serious condition, the media reported.

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