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Flamingos made an unexpected summer visit to Cyprus

Flamingos made an unexpected summer visit to Cyprus

July 29 2018 LJ cover – Фламинго совершили неожиданный летний визит на Кипр
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Flamingos flew to Lake Oroklini! Witnesses were local residents, for whom it was a big surprise. According to one of them, the flamingos slowly walked along the lake early in the morning, on Friday, 27 July.

By the way, there is an opinion that usually flamingos fly to Cyprus in winter. Therefore, such an unexpected meeting brought a lot of positive emotions to local residents.

Flamingos in Cyprus can be found on salt lakes in Larnaca, Limassol, and also on Lake Oroklini. This is perhaps the most exotic living attraction of our island. You can see large flocks of flamingos on the way from Larnaca airport by flying to Cyprus in winter or spring.

Pink (or ordinary) flamingos, fallen in love with salt lakes of Cyprus - the largest and most common type of flamingo from 6 existing. This is the only migratory species, the rest of its relatives lead a sedentary lifestyle.

What caused this unexpected visit of birds in the summer to Cyprus, is not yet known. However, how lucky the residents of Oroklini, who have already managed not only to enjoy the graceful birds, but also to make wonderful photos!

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