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Football club "Omonia" moved to an individual

Football club "Omonia" moved to an individual

31 May 2018 LJ cover – Футбольный клуб «Омония» перешел к частному лицу
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The Cyprus football club Omonia (Nicosia), which traditionally belonged to the main opposition party of the Republic of Cyprus AKEL, moved to a private person. According to the newspaper "Cypress mail", the new owner of the club was Stavros Papastavru, a businessman who resides permanently in the United States.

As local experts say, a deal to buy a club traditionally associated with a political party and politics on the island as a whole can truly be called historic. "Omonia", for the first time since its inception in 1948 year, moved into "private hands", which is likely to affect the image of the team in the national championship. According to experts, the team is opening a new horizon of opportunities, including through new, more funding, which will allow the club to fight for high places.

At the same time, not all responded positively to such a deal. So, the most famous organization of fans of the team called Gate 9 has already announced that it does not agree with the transfer of rights to their favorite club in "private hands". According to the representatives of the organization, Gate 9 will no longer support "Omonia" in "such a state" and plans to create a new club with a similar name, which will begin its football way from the lowest division of the national championship.

"Omonia" became the champion of Cyprus in the season-2010 / 11, then twice won the Cup of the country. Season-2017 / 18 club finished at 6 place.

Ilya Ivanov
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