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Every fifth inhabitant of Limassol speaks Russian

Every fifth inhabitant of Limassol speaks Russian

February 26 2018 LJ cover – Каждый пятый житель Лимассола говорит на русском
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The Atlantic has described Cyprus as the best example of how, in the matter of citizenship, "reality is retreating under the pressure of virtualization."

This is a new concept of "virtual citizenship", when the EU passports are received without even stepping on the land of another state: in exchange for investments, by filling in an online form or through a digital service. In Cyprus, the program "citizenship in exchange for investment" since the launch has brought passports more than 2 000 to businessmen, and the economy of Cyprus - over 4 billion euros. So, against the background of active migration, according to the publication, in Limassol, more than 20% of the population speaks Russian.

According to The Atlantic, more than 250 million people are changing their country of residence annually, and by 2050, one billion of the planet's inhabitants may be among them.

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