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Cyprus, Greece and Armenia are moving towards tripartite parliamentary cooperation

23 May 2018
Tags:Cyprus, Greece, Armenia, Politics, International relations

Chairman of the National Assembly of Armenia Ara Babloyan 21 May received a delegation led by the Chairman of the House of Representatives of Cyprus Demetris Siluris. Following the meeting, A. Babloyan and Demetris Siluris made statements for the press.

The visit of the delegation of the Cyprus Parliament to Armenia will make a significant contribution to the further deepening and development of the interstate relations of our friendly countries. As reported by "Armenpress", RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan said this during a joint press conference with Chairman of the House of Representatives of Cyprus Demetris Siluris.

According to Babloyan, the sincere and strong relations between Armenia and Cyprus are conditioned by our historical, cultural, spiritual and other communities of values.

"With the delegation of the Republic of Cyprus we held a very meaningful meeting, during the meeting we discussed issues related to bilateral inter-parliamentary relations. We discussed the proposal to create within the framework of interparliamentary organizations the format of the parliamentary cooperation between Cyprus and Armenia and Greece, "Babloyan said.

Chairman of the House of Representatives of Cyprus Dimitris Silluris in his turn noted that they are interested in deepening relations with Armenia.

"I am sure that the future belongs to our peoples, and justice and democracy are the basis," he added.

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