Today: November 16 2018
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Cyprus, Greece and Malta expand cooperation in shipping

Cyprus, Greece and Malta expand cooperation in shipping

25 May 2018 LJ cover – Кипр, Греция и Мальта расширяют сотрудничество в сфере судоходства
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Cyprus, Greece and Malta are expanding cooperation on shipping to strengthen their positions in the EU and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Representatives of the countries stated this at the sixth tripartite meeting, which was held in Nicosia. Deputy Minister of Shipping Natasha Pilidis and her colleagues - the Minister of Shipping of Greece Panagiotis Kurumblis and the Minister of Transport of Malta, Jan Borg - discussed, among other things, competitiveness and labor agreements, and problems of environmental protection.

Before the meeting at the Presidential Palace of Ministers, the President of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, was received. Ms. Pilidis noted that together Greece, Malta and Cyprus make up the largest fleet of the EU and play a significant role in making important decisions in the EU and the International Maritime Organization.

In turn, the Greek minister Kurumblis noted that in addition to the transport function, the shipping sector also brings the EU an order of 140 billion euros of annual revenues and creates more than 2,1 million jobs.

At the same time, it was noted that for the successful development of the industry, the EU needs to struggle with a "bureaucratic approach", which will allow the sector to become more competitive, working, including in the Far East.

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