Today: November 16 2018
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Cyprus "unites" for the preservation of cultural heritage

Cyprus "unites" for the preservation of cultural heritage

29 May 2018 LJ cover – Кипр «объединяется» ради сохранения культурного наследия
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Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots work together with the EU to preserve the monuments of Cyprus, the Greek Cypriot representative in the Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage Takis Hadjidemetriou said.

Hajidmetriu made a speech at the ceremony dedicated to the completion of the restoration of the Church of St. Mary in the occupied city of Famagusta.

This church is a monument of pain and love, as well as the mixing of people and cultures in the Eastern Mediterranean. "

In his speech, the representative of the committee, Ali Tunay, said that "as the Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage, we started our long journey in 2008." It was not easy for us to get to where we are now. "

Director of the European Commission's Support for Structural Reform Mary McCarthy said in her speech that "the European Union pays much attention to the cultural heritage. 2018 year is the year of cultural heritage in Europe. " She expressed her sincere admiration for the work of the Technical Committee.

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