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Cyprus TV channels are not happy with the appearance of a Russian-speaking competitor

Cyprus TV channels are not happy with the appearance of a Russian-speaking competitor

July 5 2018 LJ cover – Кипрские телеканалы не довольны появлением русскоязычного конкурента
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The Russian-language TV channel has already received its first temporary license for the TV season, which ended June 30, and applied for its extension until June the next year. According to InCyprus, representatives of the local television are already preparing a complaint to the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority in order to prevent the emergence of a competitor.

The reason for concern is the previously expressed unwillingness of the new channel's management to use the Greek language in the form of subtitles in their broadcasts, which, in the main, will be devoted to the broadcast of Soviet and Russian comedies. According to representatives of local media, this will lead to limiting the channel's audience to the Russian-speaking population and will reduce the number of advertising opportunities for Cypriot companies.

The Cyprus Broadcasting Authority emphasizes that the channel in Russian received a temporary license, subject to the rule of the presence of Greek subtitles in broadcasts, so no laws were violated. Renewal of permits will be possible under the same conditions.

According to InCyprus sources, the channel management has already turned to a private company for the production of subtitles. The members of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority, in turn, announced their readiness to consider the question of abolishing subtitles in Greek as a mandatory condition for obtaining a license.

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