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The Cypriot gymnast took the gold of the "Mediterranean Games"

The Cypriot gymnast took the gold of the "Mediterranean Games"

26 2018 June LJ cover – Кипрский гимнаст взял золото «Средиземноморских игр»
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Marios Gheorghiu (center) with Julien Gobo (left) and Ahmed Onder (right).

In the Spanish city of Tarragona, 22 June, 1 July, the Mediterranean games are held. In them participate 25 countries. Cyprus won its first medal - "gold" in individual all-around in gymnastics. Marios Georgiou rose to the top step of the podium. 20-year-old Cypriot sportsman in a bitter struggle managed to bypass the Frenchman Julien Gobo and Turk Ahmet Onder. On Monday in Tarragona the national anthem of the Republic of Cyprus was sounded and raised its flag.

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