Today: 22 September 2018
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When will the fines for violations on the roads of Cyprus increase?

When will the fines for violations on the roads of Cyprus increase?

27 2018 June
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In autumn, a new - much more stringent - sanctions system for traffic violations can enter into force in Cyprus. If it is passed by the parliament, the fines will grow several times. Changes in the legislation are promoted by the Ministry of Justice, which is trying to stop a series of deaths on the roads of the island. In the event of a collision or an accident for failure to render assistance to the injured person, the road crash will face up to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine up to 30 000 euro.

When did it all start?

The commission, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Transport, has developed a new system of penalties for violations of traffic rules over a year ago - in April 2017.

In order for it to come into effect, it must first be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, and then by the Parliament. As is often the case in Cyprus, no one was in a hurry, and therefore no decisions were made. Innovations were not even really discussed.

What happened now?

The black streak of an accident with a fatal outcome, perhaps, will move things from a dead center. According to Reporter, the Ministry of Justice and Public Order insists that the new rules should be approved as soon as possible. That is in the autumn.

What is offered?

  • Penalty for driving with a non-fastened belt in the car (without a helmet on a motorcycle) will be300 евроinstead of the current85.
  • Riding a red light will cost200 Euro(now it's "worth it"85 евро).
  • For every kilometer / hour exceeded on the highway, it is suggested to punish by a fine in5 евро. For example, the driver was driving at a speed of 130 km / h. Now he will pay30 евро, since the limit is exceeded by 30 km / h. According to the new bill, it is necessary to pay150 евро. If the police stop the driver, who will drive at a speed of 175 km / h, then the fine after the adoption of the bill will be375 Euro.
  • FROM85before150 евроfines for parking in an unauthorized place will be increased (in places for the disabled, on the roadside with two yellow lines, on the opposite side of the road, near traffic lights and pedestrian crossings).
  • Car driving without insurance is punishable by a fine in150 евро.
  • If the case of driving without a hands-free system goes to court, then drivers who talked at the wheel, ate sandwiches or painted their lips - that's what the explanations to the document say -5000 евроinstead of the current1708.

What about alcohol and drugs?

  • Punishment for driving in a state of intoxication will be toughened. The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0,22 per mille. If the driver is from 0,22 to 0,35 per mille, the penalty will grow from the current100 Eurobefore125 евро. If the level of alcohol in the blood is from 0,35 to 0,55 per mille, the penalty will increase from200before300 евро. If from 0,55 to 0,7 per mille - then with300before500 euro.
  • If the traffic police stops the driver who has exceeded the speed, and at the same time the level of alcohol in his blood exceeds the maximum permissible rate, he will face up to four years in prison and / or a fine up to15 000 euro.
  • It is also proposed to impose a sentence of imprisonment for up to six months for those who will drive the car in a state of intoxication, and three months in prison for those who refuse to hand over a sample of saliva for the test for the presence of drugs in the body.

What about the penalty points?

  • The commission proposed to tighten the penalty points system. In case of exceeding the speed limit to 30% now accrue to 2 points, and will be - from 2 to 4. If the speed exceeds 50%, then instead of the current 2-4 points will be charged from 3 to 6. In case of speeding up to 75% of the norm, instead of 3-6 points, the offender will receive from 4 to 8 points. The essence of this proposal is that lovers of fast driving will quickly lose their rights to drive.
  • If the driver refuses to pay the penalty for speeding, he will be referred to the court. If the court finds him guilty (talking about exceeding the limit to 75%), now the punishment is from 3 to 6 penalty points, the fine to1708 евроand imprisonment for up to one year (the court can appoint as one type of punishment, and all three). The commission wants to increase the scores to 5-10, the penalty is up to6000 Euroand / or a prison sentence of up to two years.


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