Today: 21 September 2018
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The Mayor of Limassol has announced a project to modernize Germasogeia

The Mayor of Limassol has announced a project to modernize Germasogeia

July 12 2018
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Soon, in the area of ​​Germasogeia in Limassol, across the Amathos River, a bridge will be built connecting the pedestrian street to the east and the Miramar hotel in the west.

The construction will be carried out within the framework of a series of projects promoted by the municipality of Germasogeia to ennoble the area. Over the next 5 years, it is planned to radically change the "face" of the municipality and thus improve the lives of people living in the area.

The mayor of Yermasoyia, Kyriakos Xidias, said that work is currently underway on the site from the Crowne Plaza hotel to the Miramare hotel. And soon the construction of a bridge over the Amatos River will begin. Complete work on its construction is planned at the end of 2018-early 2019 year. Its cost is 2,5 million Euro. And the contribution of two-thirds of this amount will be made by the state, and the remaining money - the municipality.

According to the mayor, after the bridge will be erected, it is planned to begin work on the reconstruction of the center of the village of Yermasoyia - the heart of the whole municipality. The mayor wants to build pedestrian paths to the center of the village. To tourists and islanders strolling could enjoy the beauty of old quarters and streets, as it is done all over Europe.

Kyriakos Xidias also noted that in addition to the above, the municipality is preparing to carry out a number of other works on the reconstruction of the district as soon as possible. He believes this will help revive the region and give it a new personality.

"Our goal and objectives," he continued, "are to implement the plan over the next five years. Thus, the entire city council has set itself ambitious goals, which, I am sure, we will achieve with the financial support of the state, "he concluded.

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