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The sea patrol will monitor the cleanliness of the water in Limassol

The sea patrol will monitor the cleanliness of the water in Limassol

22 May 2018 LJ cover – Морской патруль будет следить за чистотой воды в Лимассоле
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Mayor of Limassol Nikos Nicolaides promised that the sea in his city will be clean and launched the first sea patrol, which will monitor the state of water in the sea.

It should be noted that sea and land patrols first appeared in Limassol in connection with numerous complaints of people vacationing at sea. Patrolling will be carried out by both private companies and state-owned companies.

The first patrol of the season started in 5: 30 am on Monday. The patrol service will operate between May and September, the source said.

Also, a ground patrol along the waterfront will be conducted to monitor the order on the beaches.

According to the mayor, the state services will conduct inspections of the waste water treatment systems of ships in the port of Limassol, and will also follow the procedure for collecting waste water from ships and delivering them to the sewage system in Limassol. Nikos Nicolaides said that if contamination in sea waters is detected, microbiological testing will be performed urgently.

"We want to thank the rescue organizations for their cooperation," the mayor said. "And we will not stop there, in Limassol there will always be beautiful beaches and clean sea," he added.

In Limassol there is a 24-hour hotline on pollution of the sea.

Incident phone number - 25 884 590 .

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