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Cyprus came a short cool

Cyprus came a short cool

August 20 2018 LJ cover – На Кипр пришла непродолжительная прохлада
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On Monday and Tuesday in Cyprus there will be a cool, and in the mountains of Troodos, even rain is expected. On Wednesday, the island will return to heat. In the inner regions, the thermometer will rise to + 40-41, on the coast - up to + 36-38 degrees.

For two days in a row, fogs are waiting for us in the mornings, a light breeze that will intensify after lunch, partly cloudy weather and short rains in the interior of the island. According to weather forecasters, the air temperature will be + 31-33 degrees on the coast, to + 35-37 - in the capital and + 22-24 in Troodos.

On Monday it will be partly cloudy, in the afternoon the wind will grow stronger on the coast. In Nicosia, the air will warm up to + 38, in Limassol and Larnaca - to + 33. In Paphos, as usual, it will be cooler - + 31-32. In the Troodos Mountains, the thermometer's column will rise to + 24, after a rainy day it will rain.

On Tuesday, 21 August, no significant changes in weather conditions are expected. And on Wednesday the island will return to heat, which leaves the island only on Saturday. The hottest day of the week will be Thursday, in Nicosia is expected to + 41. Ahead of us are waiting for September and October, which in Cyprus are similar to the summer in the central strip of Russia.

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