Today: February 17 2019
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In Cyprus, a batch of hunters may appear

In Cyprus, a batch of hunters may appear

August 4 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре может появиться партия охотников
Tags: Cyprus, Hunting, Politics

The Cypriot hunters filed an application for the registration of the Movement of the United Cypriots. According to the Cyprus News Agency, the document says that "the party will represent all Cyprus hunters and not only".

We encourage all our friends to unite. We intend to put an end to the principle of "Divide and Conquer". We are all hunters, whatever game we pursue, "the hunters who decided to become politicians inform profoundly.

The "Movement of United Cypriots" chose the emblem of the goddess of hunting, fertility and female chastity Artemis. Recall that she is considered the patroness of all life on Earth, giving happiness in marriage and assisting in childbirth.

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