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It is not easy to find a licensed fitness club in Cyprus

It is not easy to find a licensed fitness club in Cyprus

August 13 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре нелегко найти лицензированный фитнес-клуб
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Of the 822 gyms that worked in 2017, only 77 had valid licenses.

Слабое законодательство в области частных спортивных объектах, позволяет сотням владельцев спортзалов нарушать закон и открыто работать без необходимых лицензий.

This issue was recently raised when the general auditor in his report to the Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA) for 2017 year, published in June, stated that of the 822 gyms that operated, only 77 had valid licenses.

The fact that even 10 percent of all sports halls does not work legally does not surprise the head of the Cyprus Sports Association Michalis Schekeris.

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