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Cyprus will open its first store iStorm Apple

Cyprus will open its first store iStorm Apple

October 5 2016 LJ cover – На Кипре откроется первый магазин iStorm Apple
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On Friday, October 14 in Nicosia, Cyprus will open the first store premium iStorm Apple.

The official opening ceremony will take place on Friday in 7 pm. At the opening will be the popular singer Demi and will raffled prizes and gifts.

The store will provide the Cyprus market a full range of Apple technology and well-trained staff.

The goal of iStorm is to become a standard for all fans of Apple technology in Cyprus. It will offer consumers a wide range of peripherals and accessories, targeted and comprehensive services, as well as technical support from Apple experts.

"We are very pleased that the opening of the first iStorm store in Cyprus is becoming a reality. The Cyprus market is extremely important for us, since Apple products are highly valued among Cypriot consumers. iStorm seeks that consumers of Cyprus have the opportunity to purchase original Apple devices, "said iStorm manager Costas Papagiannis.

The new iStorm store will work under the auspices of the Quest group, which has six other stores in Greece.

Shop opened at

Archbishop Makarios III Avenue & Evagorou

Phone: 22 696 080

Detailed information may be requested on the website:

Andreas Manokulyus
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