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In Cyprus, almost approved the construction of a crocodile park

In Cyprus, almost approved the construction of a crocodile park

April 20 2018 LJ cover – На Кипре почти одобрено строительство крокодилового парка
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The public council of the village of Akhna in the Famagusta district is ready to give a go-ahead for the opening of the crocodile park on its territory. This was announced on 19 April by the head of the council Nikos Vasilas.

Six of the nine councilors voted in favor of the project, but local authorities said the decision could be reconsidered in case of a sharp negative reaction from the residents of Akhna.

Vasilas told the Cyprus news agency that the public council can not authorize the creation of a crocodile park unilaterally. Investors - the Israeli company TSA Crocopark - should receive confirmation from local authorities that they will not object to the park in their area, but before the residents vote, the company will be refused, Vasilas stressed. Next week in Akhne a presentation of the project for the local population will take place.

Vasilas noted that the project only concerns the creation of a theme park. The council has already informed TSA Crocopark that the construction of a crocodile farm for the production of leather and meat is impossible.

Theme park area of ​​40 square. kilometers will accommodate about 100 crocodiles, a gift shop and a cafe. Pedestrian paths will be built throughout the territory to monitor reptiles.

Vasilas told about his visit to a similar park La Ferme aux Crocodiles in the French Montelimar. There he became convinced that the park attracted many tourists, up to 300 000 visitors annually.

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